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Kūkāʻilimoku / Chevallier Skrog – Kūkāʻilimoku / Chevallier Skrog [Split]

kūkāʻilimoku / chevallier skrog  – kūkāʻilimoku / chevallier skrog [split]


This split tape is a collaboration between US-based Kūka’ilimoku, of which I have previously reviewed some releases and Czech Chevallier Skrog, who now operate out of Sweden. Starting off with the bad news: despite this tape being released just a few days ago, it has already sold out. The good news: it is well worth your attention and it is still available digitally.

Kūka’ilimoku starts off this split release and brings four songs in that loose style that I do identify this one-man act with by now. In fact, these are four songs, the last being a short and strange outro consisting of vague ghost-like voices and white noise. For the ‘real’ songs Kūka’ilimoku once again offers raw Black Metal with a hefty dose of minimalist Punk and underground-aesthetics that give the whole thing an infectious garage vibe. Despite the minimal musical shifts, it is good to hear that Kūwāha’ilo, the musician behind this project, is getting better and better at finding his niche in his own unique creation. Or maybe it’s my own brain that is increasingly appreciating this quirky music, that’s also possible.

Split releases are often a good way to get to know new bands. After all, via Kūka’ilimoku, I also came across Chevallier Skrog, a band that might otherwise not have immediately landed on my radar. Chevallier Skrog turns out to be a great fit with Kūka’ilimoku, playing a style not too far removed from that of the American. The ultra-minimalist approach of Kūka’ilimoku is somewhat lacking, though, and although a good dose of early 80’s Punk can also be heard here, the balance does tip a bit more towards Black Metal for Chevallier Skrog. The extremely rough sound is something that might require a trained ear but adds to the overall atmosphere. The seasoned Black-Metal-on-tapes listener who is not averse to the output of so many small tape labels these days, won’t have any trouble getting their kicks out of this side of the split tape. For me at least, this is a pleasant introduction and gives me another new band to keep an eye on.

I don’t know how many copies this cassette tape was released in, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do an extra run, as this is definitely a release worth being listened to and picked up by some more people.