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Hajduk – Природа [EP]

hajduk – Природа [ep]

‘Природа’ is the second Hajduk EP, following up to their “Кръв” debut EP which was received with a great positive response by the metal scene.

This second EP by this Bulgarian band translates as ‘nature’ or even ‘scenery’ if you want.  The band seem to release an EP every month by the chronological looks of it. Those three new tracks are way more introvert than was the case on the brilliant debut demo/EP.

The songs have been injected with a more traditional or patriotic rural / Neo Folk nature, given the abundance of acoustic parts on the second track, but are still quite brutal (especially on the first track) and perfectly executed – up to the finest details.

Hajduk know exactly how to create an intriguing atmospheric dimension to their music which practically attracts the audiophile to their works – like a moth drawn to a flame. As said – heroic keyboard or synth arrangements have a prominent role on this second EP. ‘Стара планина’ or ‘Old Mountain’ is the last track. It’s a majestic soundtrack-like score of huge epic proportions. This pièce de resistance is a truly breath taking expression of ambient musical art with sharp edges. I have a feeling that Hajduk chose to offer a more heroic and nationalist aspect of their grandiose and versatile music on this “Природа’ EP.

Recommendable for purchasing? By all means. Consider it a worthy addition to their first EP.  С в о б о д а  и л и  с м ъ р т. Freedom or…Death – comrades! (LCF)