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Gravestalker – In Plastic We Swarm [EP]

gravestalker – in plastic we swarm [ep]

If obscure sub genres like “Pornogrind”, “Dream Thrash”, or “Suicidal Depressive Black Metal” exist, then why wouldn’t we accept “Reclusive Death”? Solo project, Gravestalker, located in Texas, combining elements of SweDeath form, riffs and vocals swaying into Hardcore/Doom with abundance of distortion, gradually consuming you into a densely isolated milieu.

Their second EP “In Plastic We Swarm”, hear the progression from previous “The Void I Bathe In”, was bit longer, purely organic production, experimented with more Doom aspect, notable on “Tainted Souls”; focusing on condensing length while filling in the work with hefty quality in tone, transcending into solitary headspace quite effectively within short time frame (14 minutes).

Cover done by Jerm himself, direct concept with landscape of tombstones and dark, malleable plastic hovering over as the formidable impending force.

Starting with title track, forgot to mention that they add this quick little audio that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, it happens during first 20 seconds, then by minute after the menacing down tuned intro, spews this cadence that blends in with contortion of guitar work with the reverb, almost drowns out at times but that drum work is on fucking point! Oddly enough “I Have Seen Love Die” is the strongest single off this, vocally when hitting those harsher high notes, it inflicts strong emotion for listener, it’s captivating and sludgy to a degree, love the zany guitar work & the bass lines captured 2⁄3 into track with yet again this ominous sound appearing towards outro.

Shortest “Disposable Heaven”, exemplifies top tier production quality, dig the direction of having old school sound with portion of hardcore rhythm reflected by fluctuation of groove/doom paces toward outro, drumming really stands out on this EP entirely. closer “Waste”, fast paced descending into mid pace, catchy upbeat riffs with grating raucous vocals paving into this never ending darkness.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store next round! (Tori Belle)