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Fiends at Feast – Towards the Baphomet’s Throne

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Blackened Death Metal is the deal with Fiends at Feast’s debut album, which is released by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, who are known for several splits and singles by bands like Deceased, Coffins, Anatomia and Claws. This first full length is an obvious continuation of their “Shadows of Extinction” EP which was released in 2011. The mix of mid 1990’s death metal with black metal passages is quite on the surface, where hints of Gorgoroth, early Dissection and Marduk (the slower parts) rule the album. A mix of slower haunting tracks like “Walls of Worship” and faster black metal riffing like “From Hell they Rise” gives the listener a taste of both Death and Black cuisines. In my opinion they should focus on the more early Dissection or early In Aeternum part instead of betting on several horses. The middle-part during “Hedonstic Heresy” is a great example of the Blackened Death scene of Sweden around 1995 due the good riffs and solo, unfortunately the minutes prior to that particular part is quite generic and boring. Which is the main problem with “Towards the Baphomet’s Throne”, only parts are interesting, never a whole track. (Ricardo)