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Memoriam – Rise to Power

memoriam – rise to power


Since 2015, British Death Metal super group Memoriam have been bashing out consistently high quality album after high quality album ad nauseum. So I expected nothing less from their fifth full length studio effort which like their last offering ‘To the End’ is brought to us by Reaper Entertainment. (On CD and LP as well as a superb looking vinyl, CD and cassette boxset.) Featuring superb artwork that depicts what appears to be a demonic ruler on his extravagant Gothic throne, surrounded by soldiers; this new opus has been named ‘Rise to Power’ and features eight tracks of pulsating Death Metal.

‘Rise to Power’ opens with a track that not only focuses on the true victims of war but also gives credence to the old adage that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. ‘Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)’ is obviously aimed at the Holocaust but can be just as relevant in some of todays on going atrocities. As an opening track it sounds powerful, decked out to the rafters with powerful surging riffs and unrelenting drumming force. However the real clincher for this track is the slower moments towards the end that give off a real sense of poignancy. In stark contrast, ‘Total War’ is a bruising thrill ride that again takes in slower passages to add layers of intensity and oppressive heaviness to its repertoire; not to mention some wonderful guitar solos and a blistering bass tone/drumming combination that packs a real punch throughout.

Moving swiftly onwards through the album and one of my favourite tracks on offer is ‘I Am the Enemy’; a slower, more predatory sounding track with brooding riffs and ferocious vocals, that then grinds out some fabulously groove drenched guitar leads and gnarly bass tones to great effect, as is the enormously catchy chorus and bleakness tinged melodic undertone.

Its a damned hard job to pick a favourite Memoriam album, but I have to think that ‘Rise to power’ is firmly in the conversation. Each track is strong, demanding and gripping. Also, each track has within it a juxtaposition between lethal bludgeoning force, and technical, almost atmospheric melody. Another superb offering from Memoriam and one that will be on repeat in my household!


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