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Bâ’a / Verfallen / Hyrgal – Bâ’a / Verfallen / Hyrgal [Split]

bâ’a / verfallen / hyrgal – bâ’a / verfallen / hyrgal [split]


Now this is an interesting Black Metal split from France! Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions merged the blackened power of 3 unknown acts, or as they stated themselves: “…different forms and expressions of the dark art shared and cherished by everyone involved. Three personalities, three visions, different and yet converging to a common purpose”. It does explain this musical journey quite accurate as every act proves during their 2 songs.

First up is Bâ’a of which no information can be provided. The first song “Les terres de la terreur” is an uptempo atmospheric track while “La grande disillusion” is fine example of some mid-tempo Cascadian Atmospheric Black Metal combined with uptempo early Borknager/Enslaved melodic riffs. An absolute great hymn! Verfallen is a one-man project and sounds more straightforward and less icy…more Tsjuder’s “Kill for Satan” than Enslaved’s “Frost” sort of speak. Yet, the melody is present in the fast riffs and a recurring riff during the chorus. Also there is a lot of variation in the track “Derelictus” because of the acoustic intermezzo and the different passage afterwards which reaches to a climax due the fast riffs. A big A+ for song writing on this one. “La valeur des ténèbres”, also by Verfallen, is a more haunting mid-tempo track with uptempo outbursts and chant like singing. A good song as well, but “Derelictus” doest stand out. Hygral is the third and last one on this split and the only act with other releases than this one in the discography. Again it is different compared with the other efforts, as Hygral has a more darker and sombre atmosphere with their “Césure” track. Although it transforms into up-tempo at the end, it is almost a blend of Black and Doom most of the time while ending track “Sicaire” is almost typical French Black Metal with a slight dissonance and dark variation and pace changes.

Although all three bands are different, this split is already worth your money because of  the Bâ’a’s “La grande disillusion” and Verfallen’s “Derelictus” tracks. (Ricardo)


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