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ACOD – Cryptic Curse [EP]

acod – cryptic curse [ep]


I was initially drawn to the band ACOD when they were featured on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel with their newest EP ‘Cryptic Curse’. To be honest, I was at first a little bit surprised to see quite an atmospheric and melodic Death and Black Metal hybrid featured there, but as I dove into the band’s previous album I was pleasantly surprised. Impressed by the preceding ‘Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond’ I then delved into the latest EP, released once again by Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions in early 2023.

Compared to the previous album the band has now enlisted a new drummer by the name of Raph instead of a session musician. Together they recorded three tracks that clock in at a little over 17 minutes. Compared to ‘Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond’, a lot of the band’s sound has remained intact. That once again means a mix of Swedish melodic Death Metal with atmospheric Black Metal into something that could be described as a much heavier and more Black Metal version of more modern Dark Tranquillity. In ‘The Hourglass Slave’ we hear a nice flying melodic solo, but above all it feels like a logical extension of their impressive previous album, with a catchy riffs and vocals. The same goes for ‘The Mask of Fate’, which has a riff or two that remind me of Katatonia’s song ‘Ghost of the Sun’ off the ‘Viva Emptiness’ album, but once again, ACOD resorts in much heavier and faster territories. The sound leans a bit more on a melodic Death Metal riff base, something that continues in the more midtempo and at times chugging title track. It’s here that the band’s catchiness and atmosphere peaks on this release, and it feels like a good mood to close off the EP in style.

With three new tracks, ACOD continues with the, in my personal opinion, successful formula of ‘Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond’. This probably leans slightly more towards the melodic Death Metal side, but the atmospheric Black Metal aspect is still very present and those that enjoyed the previous album will be pleased with ‘Cryptic Curse’.