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The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom

the crown – cobra speed venom


The Swedish masters of neckbreaking death ‘n roll with their totally unique style mixing death metal into the most punkish ”fuck you attitude” and blend it with finest melodies and brutal vocals! I have to admit they are one of my top bands ever, yet I try to be objective. I find it hard to mention any other band that can compete with The Crowns intense style. From the first spin ’till my 40’th spin, the album still grows. Very close to the impact ”Hell is here” and ”Deathrace King” had on me back in 1999 and still have today. After Janne and Marcus left the band I found it hard to believe we ever would hear this intensity again..but I was wrong. I’m not sure if anyone is willing to agree with me but when I listen to The Crown I can only think of how it would sound if Elvis would have been electrified on stage. And what I mean is simply it makes me wanna bang, sing a long and just tear down the walls. But for the faint hearted we have a beautiful make out instrumental song as well with ”Where my grave shall stand”. If you like death metal and/or brutal thrash and haven’t heard The Crown yet then go and pick up Cobra Speed Venom or taste the ”Necrohammer”. This is my album of they year and its just March yet! I’m Crowned! (Tom Asssault)

Ah…a new The Crown album, it always get me triggered and the reason why I have already explained it in my “Death is not Dead” review. Although I ended that review with the phrase “Not the best album in the discography of The Crown, yet “Death is not Dead” is very enjoyable one”, I would be lying to you I’ve I said I’ve listened to the album often after writing about it. Probably the least “go-to” album in their discography for me after all. One of the cons of “Death is not Dead” were, and still are, the lack of the “full speed maniac – The Crown style”-drums and fortunately with new drummer Henrik Axelsson (Implode) this has been restored. After a couple of seconds the speakers explodes in an old fashioned The Crown style and will take no prisoners. With the Slayer-esque “Iron Crown”, mid-tempo pounding “We Avenge!”, full tempo track title as well as “Rise in Blood” and the howling leads during the whole album, one can say it this is the real comeback of The Crown! The Crown fans or Death Metal infused with a healthy dose of Thrash Metal and melodic hooks enthusiasts…I think you will have a very good album in hands with this one. (Ricardo)

The Crown

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