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Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares

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It’s hard not to use Vomitory in a review when talking about Cut Up. Erik and Tobben (known of the Demolition-trio Uffe, Ubbe & Tobben) are the core of this fresh Death Metal band, so the comparison is quite at the surface. Although there are some similarities, which is not strange ofcourse, Cut Up is definitely following their own path. Adding more slower passages, less the known Vomitory-groove and more US scene influences. As said, Vomitory is definitely there but Cut Up also uses some Malevolent Creation-like riffs. On the other hand the up-tempo riffs and leads (like on “Brain Cell Holocaust”) are 100% Swedish and therefore has some melody in it as well. And not the old In Flames kind ofcourse. “Forensic Nightmares” is a pounding and brutal Death Metal album which is interesting for every Death Metal adept out there, which deserves to being played on volume level 11. (Ricardo)