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Siculicidium – Hosszu ut az Orokkevalosagba (Long Way to Eternity)

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I follow this Transylvanian band since it’s beginning in 2003. The first demo was a little harsh and somehow it just got lost in the noize. The following releases foreshadowed a potentially good band and as the years passed the guys released 2 full lengths and several EP-s. “Hosszu Ut az Orokkevalosagba” means “Long way to eternity” in English and this title suggests multiple ideas in my opinion. This whole album is like an ars poetica of the band, OK I admit, I can understand the lyrics but still just by listening to the songs you can feel that there is something more here than average. To be a Hungarian in the middle of Romania is not always an easy thing, just check out the history of the region and you will see what is going on. The songs are about suffering, sometimes even terror-horror and basic and fundamental problems of the every day man. The music is basically metal with many slower, more melodic parts, the vocals of Bela Lugosi can sound strange for the first listening but it’s like an old, red wine after the second glass it feels the best! Reminds of Mutiilation, Tormentor and other bands, vocalist who didn’t give a fuck if their vocals fit any present standard and still became kult! There is no other band in Romania which plays this kind of black on this level, especially not Transylvanian. The music has deep spiritual and identical charge, philosophical and clever lyrics, and the whole production is spotless. The drums sound good, Pestifer’s guitar and bass themes are like always, full of surprises an technical but still simple and effective. There has been work on this material both in the music and the artwork . Give it a try and let’s see what happens! (Frank)


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