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Occultum – Towards Eternal Chaos

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Fuck yeah! Or should I say: Kurwa! Poland strikes back! This time with Occultum and their debut album „Towards Eternal Chaos“. Black metal the way polish black metal sounds. Raw, with enough guts and balls to smash you against the wall or drown you deep in the abyss. Do you likeDissection? Do you worship MGLA? You`re a fan of Craven Idol? You like the old spirit of BLACK METAL? WTF?! You are still reading instead of buying this album? Go and get it! I am serious, the first song already got me. Intense, dark ugly! All you are asking for when listening to black metal! Melodies (Dissection), high speeds and pounding drums(Inquisition), crunchy production, crazy hysterical vocal performance not heard so often and icy riffs and it is full of them! This release is going to be on my best-of-2016-releases-list for sure! End of the light is coming. (DPF)