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Deisidaemonia – Khthonian Hymns

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Hellenic black metal had always a special place in metal and i me. Pounding electronic drums, atmosphere and melodies that only Greek bands were able to write. Deisidaemonia is another of those bands, coming up with the first album in the history of this one-man project. And I will tell you, it is a good start. Most of the material is paced in mid tempo, with some faster or doomier sections here and there. And the melodies are fantastic. Great chants dedicated to the horned one will make you sing along and howl to the full moon! You will find some keys and clean guitars as well, reminding you about the Hellenic classics but, and this I want to point out, some Bathory influence too. Right after you think it does not getting better, a song kicks in with fast blastbeats and frosty riffs that Immortal would be proud of. Generally If you like Quorthons offerings paired with your Rotting Christ/Varathron/Thou Art Lord and so on…this album is for you !Check it out! More of this please! (DPF)