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Mutagenic Host – The Genotoxic Demo

mutagenic host – the genotoxic demo


Dry Cough Records are a label who have made a great name for themselves by bringing forth some wonderful Death Metal demo releases over the last few years, and are set to do so again this month with the debut release from UK death metal outfit, Mutagenic Host. A five-piece with members hailing from around the globe, from places such as the US and Finland, but housed in the carcinogenic fumes of London. Dry Cough Records have unleashed this noxious new offering as always on a the wonderful format of cassette.

Intro track ‘Mutagen’ is quick to cast an aura of fear and dread with dark synth tones and an audio sample from the third Exorcist film, (In which Kinderman played by George C Scott angrily declares “This I believe in… I believe in death. I believe in disease. I believe in injustice and inhumanity, torture and anger and hate… I believe in murder. I believe in pain. I believe in cruelty and infidelity. I believe in slime and stink and every crawling, putrid thing… every possible ugliness and corruption, you son of a bitch. I believe… in you.”) before the slow chugging riffs and booking drum tones of ‘March of Pestilence’ ring out in the gloom.

Mutagenic Host create slow, deliberate Death Metal that gives off an oppressive stink of death, decay and disease. The vocals of Ash Moore are feral growls that promise violence and horror, whilst the methodical skin bashing from George Kinsella-Pearn really direct the flow and cohesion of this demo, though they often devolve into a putrid mass of violent ferocity! Bassist Dan Bulford keeps up a punishing rumbling bass tone throughout whilst guitarists Jack Thompson & Sami Tuohino both add thick meaty layers of pestilential riffs in a thuggish, savage manner.

‘The Genotoxic Demo’ is a barbaric and crushing debut from Mutagenic Host; a band who are a welcome addition to the dysfunctional new wave of British Death Metal bands that have taken over these isles in a new and glorious reign of sickness and brutality!

Mutagenic Host

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