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Frozen Blood – Revenge [Demo]

frozen blood – revenge [demo]


It might have taken a bit more time than initially expected, as the first promo track was released somewhere halfway last year, but here it is: Chile’s Frozen Blood’s first demo tape. It bears the same name as that promo track, which, obviously, functions as this demo’s title track.

I can’t really make out whether that previously released opening track is exactly the same version as the one that appears on this full demo tape or not. At least it sounds very much alike, so I guess it is basically the same or has only marginally tempered with. So, with that one track still in mind, this demo tape for the major part is done in the same fashion. It definitely bears a distinct Old School feeling, borrowing a bit from the Swedish Death Metal school of the early 90’s as well as from the Dutch and American bands of around that same era. You can easily find pieces of bands like Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Possessed and Grave in the music of this Chilean duo.

It is all riff-heavy, riff-oriented and riff-driven. Yet, due to the use of some eerie sounding keyboards or other sound effects, it doesn’t sound like the umpteenth band doing the Old School thing. The dynamics found in the tempo changes, going from rather upbeat parts to a more Doom-laden sort of ambiance are making ‘Revenge’ quite a refreshing listen. It is not that Slayer hasn’t been covered before by a Death Metal band, but their well-done rendition of ‘Die By The Sword’ is a nice way to end this demo and it underlines the diversity of Frozen Blood’s inspirations. It basically is a nice summary of the demo.

Frozen Blood is another addition to the ever-stunning Chilean Extreme Metal scene. We have been amazed so many times before and this demo, clocking right under the 20 minute mark, is just another prime example that the well of Chilean Extreme Metal has far from drying up.

Excarnation Records

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