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Mortem – Filicide [Re-Release]

mortem – filicide [re-release]


In the wake of the re-release of Mortem’s first album, ‘Amputator’ (originally released in 1993), Coyote Records continues on its path, now also re-releasing 2000’s ‘Filicide’. And while the 1993 artwork of ‘Amputator’ still had its charm, the cover of this second album by the Russians is of somewhat questionable standard. But thankfully, Coyote Records has simply chosen to leave it intact and make the album available again in all its ugly beauty.

Although the first album dates from seven years earlier, musically it has hardly changed. On this second full-length, the band still sounds like the forgotten Russian half-brother of Chris Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse. It is mainly the vocals that are very reminiscent of Barnes, but musically too, the band rubs extremely close to the first few records of their big American genre brethren. It has those similar fast, choppy riffs with a solid and meaty sound to it as well as that low rumbling bass guitar in the background. It may not have the same quality of Cannibal Corpse, but, honestly, it is not all too far from their standards either. At least, from Cannibal Corpse first offerings, because in the year 2000, Cannibal Corpse had released ‘Bloodthirst’ a year earlier and had started work on the album that would become ‘Gore Obsessed’, two albums, regardless of personal taste, of a completely different order musically, in terms of song writing quality and also production-wise. It is also not a fair contest to fully compare the two bands, but given the musical similarities, drawing comparisons is inevitable. Just listen to a song like ‘Unbearable Reek’ or just the album opener ‘Cut Throat’, and you will immediately hear not only where the Russians got their inspiration from, but also how well it was executed in the end.

So don’t let the artwork toss you all too many curveballs, this is definitely worth checking out if you like Old School Death Metal and especially if you have a soft spot for early Cannibal Corpse. Coyote Records is presenting the album on both cassette tape and CD, the CD does have a second disc which contains three shows from their Belarussian tour. As far as I know there is no vinyl release planned at the moment, but I personally would certainly appreciate the album also be released on vinyl as well.

Mortem [RUS]

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