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Morodh – The World of Retribution

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After a demo and a split, the guys behind Morodh thought there was too much happiness and joy in the world and therefore needs more Depressive Black Metal to spread the despair. And Witching Hour Productions thought the same. Before you bring out the razors or stick your head in a noose, Morodh only uses some parts of the Depressive Black Metal scene in their music, as “The World of Retribution” is mostly a Atmospheric Black Metal album. A quite a good one with some astonishing melodies and leads, check out a track like “Ritalin” and imagine a slower version of Eldrig. The Depressive part is more an inspiration from the (melodic) Doom Metal side. So this is absolutely nothing like a Noctunral Depsression, Happy Days, Woods of Desolation or the lo-fi Depressive Black Metal bands. To keep it in that area, this is more like Totalselfhatred. As said, this more Atmospheric Black Metal with a doomy edge and a good production. But more important, it’s a more than good album. (Ricardo)