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Mörk Gryning – Live at Kraken [EP]

mörk gryning – live at kraken [ep]

Let me just fire it straight at you: I’m a huge fan of Mörk Gryning’s debut album “Tusen år har gått…” and play this album frequently still. Goth Gorgon and Draakh Kimera were 15 and 18 years old when they made that masterpiece. Remarkable! After the self-titled album in 2005, both members left the (extreme) metal altogether but decided to get out of retirement in 2016. Goth Gorgon gave his attention to Mörk Gryning only while Draakh Kimera also joined This Ending and A Canorous Quintet. They also added Avatar (who played on the “Maelstrom Chaos” release) and drummer Baron Samedi (known for his work in Wombbath and Gates of Ishtar). With the troops in line, why not play a kind of comeback gig in Stockholm?

It seems a good idea and played the entire “Tusen år har gått…” as well as a couple of tracks of the “Return Fire” and “Maelstrom Chaos” albums in Stockholm and on Party San Open Air. On “Live at Kraken” you will hear 2 tracks of “Tusen år har gått…” (“Unleash the Beast  and the title track”, 1 track of “Return Fire” (“Supreme Hatred”) and 1 of “Maelstrom Chaos” (“Ont Blood”). The sound is clear and all members are really putting effort to recreate to songs of the albums, and I may say they have succeed. The difference are the drums which are slightly faster and more tight than on the album. Let’s keep it on the charm of the original recording and the difference of an 18 year old or an experienced 40 year old drummer. Enjoyable EP and definitely worth purchasing if you’re a fan of the first 3 albums of Mörk Gryning. (Ricardo)