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A Canorous Quintet – The Only Pure Hate MMXVIII

a canorous quintet – the only pure hate mmxviii


There are certain, let’s call them indicators, to give you the reality-check that you’re getting old. Or is it getting older? Matured? More experienced? Nah, let’s just keep it to getting old. For example, wanna go home at midnight for a good night sleep while being in the pub or bar, or already “feeling” a bit tipsy after 3 pints? Getting easily injured during sports…or cringe after watching at the scale? In my case, having reviewed the original album of a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band, the Gothenburg way, whom is now re-releasing the very same album because of its 20th anniversary. I call your “even more hanging nutsack” with “The Only Pure Hate MMXVIII”.

Although it is not really a re-release, as A Canorous Quintet have completely rerecorded the old songs and even added an unused one. As said this one was released in 1998 as their second full-length after their “As Tears” EP (1995) and great debut “Silence of the World Beyond” (1996). And although I’m still very fond of the original, the guys themselves thought it deserves a makeover because of the mediocre sound and as they have 20 years more experience on the job, also a better version of it. If you are familiar with both you definitely hear a difference concerning sound and drums, although they have kept most of the song writing the way it was. Some little tweaks within songs, but nothing more than that so they kept the old songs in honour.

Be it “Self Deceiver (The Purest of Hate)“, “Embryo of Lies” or “Retaliation”, for me, the songs remain powerful and A Canorous Quintet shows that 1990s Swedish Melodic Death Metal can be very enjoyable still. I even think that they will regain a solid fan base if they will be able to create an album with the riffs and melodies of “Silence of the World Beyond” and “The Only Pure Hate” with an anno 2019 sound. Correct me if I’m wrong but they will be quite an unique band nowadays.

A Canorous Quintet

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