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Lamentari – Clavis Aurea [EP]

lamentari – clavis aurea [ep]


Formed in 2019, this Danish six-piece have already released two EP’s, both of which were released by the also Danish Over The Under Records. A professionally made logo, flashy photoshoots, a (short) set at this year’s Wacken Open Air (Metal Battle) and this new, third EP might just provide the aimed breakthrough.

As these guys have obviously have set themselves a goal. They handle everything both very energetically and professionally and don’t leave much to chance, just look at the beautiful cover of ‘Clavis Aurea’ for instance. But of course this only works if the music has something to offer too. And that has been taken care of as well. Not only does the music sound amazing, production-wise, Lamentari puts their bombastic and Symphonic Black Metal together in a very sophisticated way. In 25 minutes we are served up four tracks that fit right in the genre’s tradition, the opening track ‘Deisis’ starts with heavy orchestrations, ripping brass, bells and dramatic keyboards after which it flows into the second track ‘Sede Vacante’ and erupts into equally epic Black Metal in which plenty of space is reserved for grandiose drama as well. That the gentlemen are musically strong and do not hide behind the thick orchestration, becomes clear when they lower the curtain of arrangements. Then the musical talent emerges. For instance, in ‘Synodus Horrenda’ in which they implement beautifully crafted solos, which reminds me of Moonlight Sorcery, who debuted this year. But above all it is mainly Dimmu Borgir to which Lamentari is indebted, at various times my thoughts go to their success records like ‘Death Cult Armageddon’ (2003, Nuclear Blast Records), but for example when the grand choruses make their appearance, then a reference to Dimmu Borgir’s latest album ‘Eonian’ (2018, Nuclear Blast Records) is also evident. Some comparison to Behemoth doesn’t miss the mark either. The vocals of Daniel Lønberg are of a lesser quality and are less epic than Shagrath’s or, for example, Nergal’s (Behemoth), but that should certainly not spoil all the fun. The potential for Lamentari obviously is there.

Despite the fact that it never sounds original, unlike for instance the aforementioned Moonlight Sorcery, it seems to me that Lamentari is ready for the big time. If you do not shy away for some real Symphonic Black Metal with a thick layer of ditto bombast and grandiose drama, then ‘Clavis Aurea’ is the place to be.


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