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Intestinal Hex – The Exalted Chambers of Abhorrence

intestinal hex – the exalted chambers of abhorrence

Active in other projects as either guitarist, bass, or running drum prog, Daniel Bonofiglio invested into solo project Intestinal Hex; skipping the demos and EPs & straight giving us fire with debut release, LP titled “The Exalted Chambers of Abhorrence”. Hearing his other current engagements, Infernal Infestation carries a more death/thrash tone, Grotesque Mass is solely Death/ Grind, & Fumes has Doom/ Death tinged with technical arrangement; point being, this album stands on its own.

Artwork by Rotting Head, what pops is the five heads centered in a viscous, miry liquid, descending down from a waterfall with a pair of eyes and tentacles above it, a mix of Cthulhu meets Predator because of the thermal color scheme trunks; overall a bad acid trip illustrated.

Eight tracks to assimilate, sliver under 28 minutes of material. Intro “Bowels Transmogrified”, starts with audio familiar to a specific part in movie “Return of The Living Dead”, it’s imperilling. Resonates a darkening tempo, magnifying the mellifluous bass lines and gives psychedelic texture toward outro. His sepulchral, feral cadence doesn’t overshadow the music one bit.

Culminating track “Defiled Birth”, marks first appearance of those lively solos, feeling you’re in a spaceship about to lift off into a terrestrial abyss. “Collisions of The Innocent”, has some thrash portions, blasting from the dr prog, and amplifying the guitar solos on this particular tune.

Saving the longest for last, “Parasitic Hallucinations”, drawn out spacious intro, by 1:11, drumming kicks in, slow steady pacing that ⅔ in, momentum increases, giving separate attention to feature bass and guitar solos that establishes nightmarish, otherworldly ambience, leaving a strangely euphoric feeling once completing duration. (Tori Belle)