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Funeral Cult – Possession Done [EP]

funeral cult – possession done [ep]

Sporting an undertone of twisted horror straight from a 70’s satanic flick, created through the subtle and effective keyboard manipulation of Paweł Matysiak, Funeral Cult (hailing from Lodz (Poland) and their new EP “Possession Done” (Released through Lusitanian Music) opens in fine form. This EP marks their return after a hiatus of twenty three years and their absence has clearly led to the Lodz Lads honing their skills. Opener “Necroscope” blends savage, raw vocals, hypnotic synth and a combination of riffs, bass and drums that meshes together fluidly to form a nasty, dangerous sound. A short release of three tracks spanning just over twelve minutes, “Possession Done” is a straight to the point kind of outing, no preamble, just driving, maniacal melodies of a barbaric tint.

Slower, far more brooding and more reliant on guitar work to lead forward the melody, “Frost” is pure brooding melancholy mixed with a little violent tension. More prominent also is the drumming which exudes a cavernous atmosphere, bolstered by throbbing bass tones and more anguished growls from vocalist Jacek Rybak. To close things out is “I Am You are Me, The Fury”, a track similar to what has come before yet with a moog sub-layer adding more bizarre twists and turns, increasing the overall ambiance of darkness and danger.

A very cool EP, Death/Doom metal but with their own stamp on the genre. Expect more good things from Funeral Cult. (Heathen of the Horde)