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Esoctrilihum – The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods

esoctrilihum – the telluric ashes of the ö vrth immemorial gods


Quantity and quality are considered to be opposite values, so things created in shorter time have lower quality and vice versa. What people usually forget, is the fact that time (the way people usually perceive it), is a concept invented by humans.

If you haven’t yet, meet Asthâghul, a multi-instrumentalist behind the French project Esoctrilihum. Considering the fact that he released four full lengths in a course of 2 years, he clearly doesn’t take the concept of time very seriously,. With each release, his craft gets more and more mind bending, intense and destructive. In theory, he is mixing black and death metal, but the music is so much more than that.

“The Telluric Ashes of Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods” is a 75 minute package of densely layered sounds switching between Black and Death metal, mixed with occult and esoteric atmosphere with various styles of grunting vocals and occasional female screams. To top everything off, some songs incorporate instruments not very common in the extreme music scene. Even though my description sounds like the record is a bag of utter chaos, it’s actually an immense work of art, which shows an obvious progression that tops off all of the Asthâghuls previous work (even though his previous works were incredible). In most cases, songs are put together so well, you don’t notice you have transitioned from one song to another, and each time you listen to the whole record, you’ll hear something new on it.

Truly enchanting record, even though listening to it several times in a row will get you exhausted in the best sense of the way. The good thing about it, you won’t notice how long it passed since you started listening to it, because time is a relative concept here. (Black Mary)