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Deadinside – That Life is our Worst Enemy

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A self-released EP filled with Old School Swedish Death Metal from Chile. Now I’ve heard it all, still not complaining one bit though. Been promoted as a mix of the Ancient Masters and the ones who added melody, or Dismember / Entombed vs. Edgy of Sanity / Evocation if you will, I have to say it isn’t that far from the truth. The first tracks “Inmanifiesto (Caos Non-Aeterna)” and “Sin Redencion” are more the Ancient Masters style and a track like “Tomb of your Will” us much more the melodic “Deadin”-side. The main riff can be easily from a recent Evocation track. But also “That Life is our Worst Enemy” has a more melodic vibe, especially the chorus, although it starts furious. I even dare to say it’s more towards a Gothenburg melody than Old School Swedish Death Metal. At the end it’s a nice tape, not a must have, but still a nice tape. (Ricardo)