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De Gevreesde Ziekte – Ω [EP]

de gevreesde ziekte – Ω [ep]

Although globalization took over our total existence, Art has been able to surpass said barriers, and keep a bit of its individuality and distinguishable elements. Norwegian Black Metal, French Black Metal, Portuguese Black Metal… Dutch Black Metal. Dutch Black Metal bands sort of discharge a powerful, yet dissimilar, sound. There is not one straight line when it comes to creation, and that comes to show how much of an inventive subgenre Black Metal is.

Hailing from Eindhoven, De Gevreesde Ziekte delivers their first ever release – “Ω” – through Dutch Black Metal label, Zwaertgevegt. Unknown are the remaining information around the band. A trend in XXI Century Black Metal, I see. But let us carry on. Sound wise, the band recaptures much of the 90s Black Metal sound and feeling. Melody and ambience, covered in a thick layer of ice and snow. It might sound extremely poetic, but it does take the listener in that direction but, like many other Dutch acts before them, I can’t help but feel that their sound goes a bit further. I hear Satyricon, here and there, providing that they do not limit themselves to the “canonical structure” the Norwegians established, but wish to go further and further.

Overall, it is a powerful release, that only “loses” due to its short duration. Interested in seeing what these chaps do in a near future. (DanielP)