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Daedric Chamber – Black Marsh Eternal

daedric chamber – black marsh eternal


Although Daedric Chambre has been formed in January 2022, this one-man project has already spawned no less than five EP’s, two splits and three full-length albums before releasing this newest album, ‘Black Marsh Eternal’. The Godfather behind this musical entity, Snitz, does not only keep a healthy working pace, but certainly also knows how to forge some interesting Black Metal…

Just like all of this project’s previously released material, ‘Black Marsh Eternal’ offers a rather uncomplicated but very compelling sort of Black Metal. The music is best described as a rather adventurous ride through magical landscapes, the dynamics in tempo and use of melody allows the music to get its fascinating character. The unconventional use of keyboards blends remarkably well with the sometimes even warm and soft sounding guitars, together providing a perfect contrast to the blasting and sharp passages. In addition the moody Dungeon Synth and even some guitar leads further propel the music into an otherworldly ambiance. But surprisingly enough, all these elements just blend together perfectly and nothing really feels out of place; certainly a true testimony to good song writing skills.

In the last two or three years I regularly mentioned that a part of the youngest generation of Black Metal musicians definitely have a completely different way of composing their music. This is something that keeps on fascinating me, not only do they have other forms of inspirations (instead of the standard Lovecraft or Lord Of The Rings they seem to be inspired by all sorts of video games), the music itself seem to have a completely different atmosphere. Like Snitz’ other band, Wizardkeep (also reviewed on these pages), this Daedric Chamber covers all those aspects and therefore is a prime example of post-millennial Black Metal.

‘Black Marsh Eternal’ might not completely sound like an eternal dark swamp – or at least not within the traditional standards, it truly captures the zeitgeist of the current state of the Black Metal scene. I love the way the genre seems to be always renewing and rejuvenating itself, despite it making me feel like a dinosaur.

Daedric Chamber

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