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Christicide – Upheaval of the Soul

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My first encounter with Christicide from France, or better yet…of which I’m aware of. After some demos, a debut full length, a split and a live album, the cooperation between Those Opposed Records and Hospital Records results into the second album of Christicide. It’s clear these French black souls are different from the common French releases we have heard the last couple of years. The black metal is straightforward, fast (repeated riffs) and sometimes a bit chaotic, but not groundbreaking. They certainly took their influences from the well-known scene of Norway. Bits and tricks from Immortal’s “Battles in the North” (“Black Knowledge”) and Emperor’s “Anthems and the Welkin at Dusk” (“Solitude with the Devil”) are present but used well. Especially the last part of “Solitude with the Devil” has some similarities with Emperor’s “With Strength I Burn” concerning song structure. Later on the album (“Ominous Numinous”) I couldn’t help myself to make an Allegiance (“Vrede”) comparison due the bass-part and the mix of fast Black Metal with melodic parts. Although I’m namedropping easily over here, it’s not like Christicide are ordinary copycats, they just don’t hide the influences. As said, nothing groundbreaking, but more important…there is absolutely nothing wrong with “Upheaval of the Soul”. (Ricardo)