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Austerymn – In Death…We Speak E.P [EP]

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Hell yeah!!! What a HM2 Boss surprise from the UK! Austerymn started back in 1990 as Perpetual Infestation (one demo), changed the name into Godless Truth and changed the Death/Thrash style into a more UK inspired Death/Doom Metal approach. After one demo they disbanded in 1996. 11 Years later the main thought was to get back together for the fun, to jam a bit and rerecord the Godless Truth demo. The years after that can be described as an “Identity-crisis”. Main man Rik Simpson didn’t want any gothic influences, but wasn’t happy with the Funeral Doom Metal idea either. After a while they made the best decision, a band meeting and asking each other what kind of metal keeps the juices flowing. It seems to be a unanimous answer; Old School Swedish Death Metal. And the most important motivation for Rik: “I’m 37 years old, I wanna have fun, put out some CD’s and 12” vinyl, play some shows and above all have FUN”. And here we have the living proof. The Sound, the chugging guitars, the raw melody riffs, polka beats…Everything! The opening title track is a direct Entombed/Dismember hit from the first time the guitar strings are being touched! The starting riff is great, the pounding drums are kickin’ in great and the raw vocals are sordid. And the groove is catchy as hell! Second track “Excarnation” starts in a fast Dismember kind of way to evolve into a groovy Entombed part to end with the same fast Dismember riff. At the end I’m sad there are only 2 songs, fortunately I can listen to a track like “In Death…we Speak” over and over again. (Ricardo)


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