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Br​ü​ka / Temple ov Ahriman – Br​ü​ka / Temple ov Ahriman [Split]

br​ü​ka / temple ov ahriman – br​ü​ka / temple ov ahriman [split]


A two track split release cassette that has been put out by Austin, Texas based label Red River Family Records. Both bands featured are also from Austin and both play Black Metal. Br​ü​ka are a four piece who have been active since 2019 and have thus far released a demo, as well as as an EP entitled ‘Plague Tempest’. Temple ov Ahriman is the one man project of Thornicator, whose lyrical influences range from the Occult, history and nature, all the way to more personal aspects such as depression.

Br​ü​ka fill up side A with their brand new offering entitled ‘Mass Burial’. having just reviewed the bands demo and EP releases, I know what a dynamic and catastrophic sound these guys wield. So I was surprised by the calming guitar tones and bass leads that open this track up. It works beautifully though as a juxtaposition for the mid tempo brooding riffs that soon kick in. This track showcases Br​ü​ka at their most dominant, with belligerent and ceaseless drumming that batters and pummels endlessly, whilst also highlights the brooding gloomy atmosphere they can create through the use of the darkened guitar rhythms and poisonous vocals. Another superb offering from Br​ü​ka, and this one has a cassette release so I’m a happy man!

Side B features Temple ov Ahriman and his only track to date, ‘At Ropes End’; a despairing desperate ode to being crushed to death by the silence and and nothingness that is brought on by powerful bouts of depression. Musically, this is strong, emotive stuff. A cold, calculating sound created through harrowing and bleak guitar rhythms, rumbling bass leads and methodical, symbol crashing percussion. On top of that, suitable anguished vocal work soars in an abrasive manner. Great debut track from Temple ov Ahriman, I need more of this, as well as whatever is in the Austin water. As a niche point of reference, this reminds me so much of Welsh one man band Coedwig Machen and his song ‘Hopelessness Is All That Is Laid Before Me’. trust me, that is high praise!


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