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February 21, 2023

Arcane Archivist Zine & Inscripted Mist Creations made the following announcement:

Today I am finally ready to announce a project that I have been planning for over a year now. I have formed a small record label / publishing company called Inscripted Mist Creations. For the debut release, we – along side Nuclear War Now! Productions – are proud to produce the first vinyl pressing of Vemod’s (NOR) cult 1998 demo!

Hailing from Tunsberg, Norway, Vemod (not to be confused with current Norse metal band Vemod) rose from the ashes of Norway’s legendary 2nd wave of Black Metal. Nearly 5 years removed from the genre’s murderous peak, brothers – Saargh and Chagrin – formed the band during unprecedented times in the history of Black Metal. Though many people are quick to write off the late 90s as an era plagued by corporatization and trend-hopping, demos like this are perfect examples of the mystical black force that was still percolating in the underground. The recording itself is notable for its drab atmosphere and desolate production – somehow perfectly blending the styles of groups like Emperor and Lycia. Experimental in its compositions and boundary pushing in its influences, Vemod would truly lay their cards on the table with this single release.

A must listen for those drawn to dark and sorrowful music of any genre. Highly recommended for fans of Emperor, Odium, Limbonic Art and Potentiam. Available soon on 12” LP.

More info: Vemod; Inscripted Mist Creations; Nuclear War Now! Productions;

Eisenkult ready with new album: "...displaying the purest Teutonic Black Metal steel: proudly and unapologetically traditional, forged in the fire of the mid '90s but by no means blinkered by the past"

February 21, 2023

Purity Through Fire is proud to present Eisenkult’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik’, on CD, vinyl LP, A5 digipack, and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions will be released on March 21st while the vinyl version will follow later this year.

Although they made their public debut in 2020 with the full-length …gedenken wir der Finsternis, Eisenkult have quickly become a flagship band for Purity Through Fire. Perhaps it’s not surprising given that they include members of labelmates Mavorim and Totenwache, but Eisenkult’s swift ascent was built on the back of that first full-length and the successive ‘…von Himmel’, hoch herab album and a split with new labelmates Atronos, these collective recordings displaying the purest Teutonic Black Metal steel: proudly and unapologetically traditional, forged in the fire of the mid ’90s but by no means blinkered by the past – and of course, perfect for Purity Through Fire’s banner.

Striking while the iron’s white-hot, Eisenkult now unleash their fourth recording in as many years, ‘Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik’. For those with even a faint familiarity with German, the title to Eisenkult’s third album should roughly & rudely say everything it needs to – indeed, a steel-toed assertion of the trio’s core values. But whereas the preceding full-length upped the folkloristic side of their second-wave classicism, Eisenkult further finesse that side with their latent hooliganism: instantly catchy, almost major-chorded in its triumphant surge, but still a tragic element coursing through their medieval surge. And whereas the band employed evocative 8-bit-styled intros on their preceding records, here on ‘Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik’ do they integrate those baroque textures across the whole album, thereby making the 40-minute work that much more stunning as well as unique. Again, very much Black Metal in all caps, but also respectful enough of the artform to gird it with stouter and arguably more stunning chainmail.

No other words are necessary: ancient-days Teutonic black metal continues to be on the rise, and Eisenkult are leading the charge with ‘Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik’!

More info: Eisenkult; Purity Through Fire;

Into It Records to re-release 2 demos: "2 classic names from the US underground, Sathanas and Bathym, are getting a proper re-release on cassette"

February 20, 2023

Into It Records announced the following news:

2 classic names from the US underground, Sathanas and Bathym, are getting a proper re-release on cassette. The old school monsters, Sathanas’ ‘Ripping Evil’ demo (1988) and Bathym’s ‘Into Darkness’ (1990), can be expected in March.

Driving force behind both bands was/is Paul Tucker who’s still going strong with Sathanas for 30+ years now.

‘Ripping Evil’ is the infamous 1988 demo featuring 4 tracks of blasphemous Death/Thrash. Shortly after this demo the band temporarily fell apart and Paul and several other members started Bathym. Musically Bathym is in the lines of Sathanas although with more Death Metal influences.

More info: Bathym; Sathanas; Into It Records;

Listenable Records signs Graceless: "We are looking forward to this next chapter for Graceless!"

February 20, 2023

Graceless and Listenable stated the following news:

We proudly announce that Graceless has joined forces with Listenable Records. Listenable will release our upcoming albums and re-release our first three albums on all formats. We are looking forward to this next chapter for Graceless!

The forthcoming album will add yet another layer to what some reviewers have called ‘the Graceless sound’: guiding the listener through ever darker catacombs of doomed melancholia while proudly striking a blunt Death Metal hammer. We are ready to descend further down. Are you coming with us?

This step would not have been possible without Raw Skull Recordz. We are grateful beyond words for the friendship and support given by Miranda and Rai. You played an essential part in getting us to this point, and we will never forget what you did for us.

More info: Graceless; Listenable Records;

Iron Bonehead Productions to release Sever's debut album: "Straightforward, to be sure, but never simplistic, Sever's onward-and-spaceward thrust overwhelms and then hypnotizes..."

February 20, 2023

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of the United States’ Sever, ‘At Midnight, By Torch Light’, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

One of the most promising developments in American Black Metal in recent years, Sever combine bestial ferocity with spectral atmosphere and surprisingly deft dynamics. The work of one Ma-Kaxul, Sever made their public debut with the ‘Sadistic Sorcery’ demo in 2022, courtesy of Iron Bonehead. That demo indeed pointed the way for Sever’s sound: at once primal and magickal. And now Ma-Kaxul reveals the wider breadth of his vision…

Thus, less than a year after that debut demo, Sever unleashes their first full-length: ‘At Midnight, By Torch Light’. Simultaneously familiar and foreign, invoking cult names as varied as Nazxul, Kvist, Norway’s Odium, and Australia’s Darklord or even ’90s Demoncy and Abigor, the swells of violence across the album’s six-song/38-minute runtime are firmly situated between bubbling bestiality and cosmic chaos. Straightforward, to be sure, but never simplistic, Sever’s onward-and-spaceward thrust overwhelms and then hypnotizes, invoking a(n ultraviolent) trance that soon unfolds its many layers of obsidian darkness. Of course, mention must be made of the synth work, skillfully integrated into the (gleamingly obsidian) whole and ably buttressing that swelling violence without softening it one bit. It’s all too easy to get lost in ‘At Midnight, By Torch Light’, but it’s a spectral cocoon well worth residing in.

As the sun sets in the west, prepare for lunar sacrifice and wield the hammer of vengeance like an abyssonaut with Sever’s ‘At Midnight, By Torch Light’!

More info: Sever; Iron Bonehead Productions;

Astriferous ready to unleash debut album: "ut those who can hack the savage attack of the senses will hear some truly phenomenal, atmospheric, and yet unforgiving Death Metal that spews rot and hacks limbs while some cleverly placed riffs give a very uncomfortable ambience to the whole thing"

February 17, 2023

Me Saco Un Ojo in conspiracy with Pulverised Records are proud to present Astriferous’ highly anticipated debut album, ‘Pulsations From the Black Orb’. Me Saco Un Ojo will handle the vinyl version while Pulverised will handle the CD version.

Two demos, one split, one MLP: these are the releases Astriferous have already left an impression with. But now, this Costa Rican Death Metal juggernaut is back with their full-length studio debut, ‘Pulsations From the Black Orb’.

Decay, despair, and bubbling rot come to the surface with the abhorrent opening piece. Setting a gargantuan monolith to crumble before us, the intensity is high even before we truly begin. Roaring vocals and meaty riffs stain the air as pummeling drums bludgeon the skull to smithereens. The raw and ineffably dark production is one that will immediately leave non-diehards running with their tails between their legs. But those who can hack the savage attack of the senses will hear some truly phenomenal, atmospheric, and yet unforgiving Death Metal that spews rot and hacks limbs while some cleverly placed riffs give a very uncomfortable ambience to the whole thing. The gripping and unique approach is delivered at high-tempos to ensure maximum damage while some gloomier passages give a rich, textured, and hauntingly ghastly dynamic to the record. Blending the cacophonous Finnish Death Metal titans of old with some South American deathrashing violence, Astriferous conjure an atmosphere and sound entirely of their own while reading from the ancient tomes of morbidity.

Firing on all cylinders, this record is an amalgamation of the band’s best works. The doomy parts are more spectral than ever, the bestial aggression is unrivalled in savagery, and the progression as putrescent as one could dream of. Those who have followed the Astriferous journey can revel in the splendor that they have reached here with their best achievement to date. New maniacs can be won over by their first experience being a truly remarkable milestone in Death Metal from a far-off corner of the world, proudly planting the Costa Rican flag in the underground’s conscious with a truly marvelous, menacing, and engrossing cut of excellence. Much like the chasmic, void-like vortex of grotesqueries on the cover art, this album will pull you into a pool of macabre oddities and never let you go…

More info: Astriferous; Me Saco un Ojo Records; Pulverised Records;

Grafhond to release debut 'In harmonie met de dood' via Void Wanderer Productions & War Productions: " A dense and intense storm of aggressive riffs, mournful chord progressions and taunted vocal performances".

February 17, 2023

At present, Void Wanderer Productions & War Productions are thrilled to announce the debut mini-album ‘In harmonie met de dood’ by the Dutch Black Metal duo Grafhond.

A release date is set for March 31st, 2023 and shall come in the following formats: Digital and LP. The LP is limited to 200 pieces (134 Black, 33 Transparent Orange/Black, 33 Transparent/Black).

‘In harmonie met de dood’ is a furious pounding of brutal emotionally laden Black Metal. A dense and intense storm of aggressive riffs, mournful chord progressions and taunted vocal performances.

Grafhond formed in 2017, when two distorted individuals searched for a way to musically express their growing discontent with most of the ever growing modern day Black Metal scene. Finding less and less emotional connection there, inspiration came from the early second wave Black Metal movement, where bands like Mayhem, Dissection, Emperor, Darkthrone, Marduk, Burzum etc. carried a certain depth to their expression. Compiling musical ideas with the focus on aggression and despair, and finding a lyrical approach to give a voice to their inner demons, the mini-album ‘In harmonie met de dood’ started taking shape. With a DIY- attitude, the album was self-recorded/mixed and will be released by Void Wanderer Productions and War Productions.

More info: Grafhond; Void Wanderer Productions; War Productions;

Memento Mori and Godz ov War Productions to release new Eternal Rot: "What we're dealing with here is organ-crushing, mind-blowing and sickening Death Metal..."

February 16, 2023

Memento Mori released the following statement:

In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, we’re extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: Eternal Rot, from U.K./Poland.

Eternal Rot crawled out of a musty dungeon in London in 2012, born out of a passion for Death Metal by Mayer and Grindak. Their “2013 promo tape” demo (released as “Grave Grooves” on 7″ EP through Fallen Temple Productions a year after), featured two swampy and deadly tracks that attracted vigilant zombies who began to spread the word about a new sonic disease. A few years of disgusting excavations later, they joined forces with Godz Ov War Productions and spewed out the debut album, “Cadaverine”, which was adorned with the artwork of Mark Riddick, who would ultimately become the band’s artist of choice from then on. Shortly after, the duo were joined by Radek Pierściński (Meat Spreader, Neuropathia, The Dead Goats) on drums and the result was the band’s second album, “Putridarium”, which featured an improved formula of their already trademark purulent and über-crushing Death Metal. The band’s latest chapter of filth up to date was the 2021 split with Death/Doom Metal powerhouse Coffins, on Behind the Mountain Records.

What we’re dealing with here is organ-crushing, mind-blowing and sickening Death Metal that’s stripped to the very bone and insanely catchy, showcasing gnarly and slightly distorted vocals, downtuned guitars, a gut-wrenching rhythm section and a horror-drenched atmosphere that’s utterly recommended to fans of Autopsy, Undergang, Hooded Menace, Rippikoulu, Anatomia, Disma, Coffins, Grave, Incantation, Funebrarum…

Memento Mori (CD) and Godz Ov War Productions (LP, tape and digital) will team up to unleash the band’s 3rd full-length on July 24th, 2023.


More info: Eternal Rot; Godz Ov War Productions; Memento Mori;

Immortal Frost Productions signs Deadspace and Infinity: "The band needs no real introduction for those who dwell within the scene long enough."

February 15, 2023

First signing: Infinity.
“We’re glad to announce that Infinity has signed with Immortal Frost Productions. The band needs no real introduction for those who dwell within the scene long enough. However for those who don’t know, Infinity is one of the oldest Black Metal bands from the Netherlands created by Draconis and B.Xul back in 1995.”

While it is by giving themselves this name they are forever bound to the ancient Gods of Darkness and let “The Limitless Black Light of Lucifer” guide their path into the endless darkness. Enchanted by the magical sigil on their backs they stand forever proud and loyal and as of 2023 a new era has begun for the band as they’ve inked a deal with Immortal Frost Productions for their future album(s).

Second signing: Deadspace.

“We’re more than proud to announce that the destructive hateful depressive Black Metal band Deadspace from Australia has signed a contract with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their upcoming album(s). After many years of close friendship between label and band it was only a matter of time to officially seal the deal and share the news with all of you.”

Crawling out of the cracks of the Australian musical landscape, Deadspace has long forged a chasm of its own within national and international circles. Amalgamating a unique atmosphere of anguish with a more orthodox black metal approach, Deadspace envisions a post-apocalyptic world governed by corporate greed and socio-political disconnect. Influenced heavily by English Literature and Occult narratives, the band is on a constant pursuit to document and extrapolate mankind’s darkest and palest truths, at whatever the required cost.

What has been is in the past and what lies ahead is the focus! 2023 is the year of a new era for Deadspace. After nearly 10 years of existence, a new direction has been chosen wisely, and with it, a contract has been signed with Immortal Frost Productions. A record label whom we think feels our passion and understands our needs as an international band, fitting perfectly with our vision and form of devastating art.

Expect nothing, receive everything!

More info: Deadspace; Infinity; Immortal Frost Productions;

Thysia to release debut album in cooperation with Chaos Records: "Dusty and dusky like so much Mediterranean Black Metal from the darkest past, these sonic bones and scrolls emit a blanching aspect that's simply impossible to find these days."

February 14, 2023

Chaos Records is proud to present Thysia’s striking debut album, ’Islands in Cosmic Darkness’, on CD format.

Translated from ancient Greek as “ritual sacrifice,” Thysia was spawned in 2019 in Cavaso del Tomba (Treviso, Italy) by Nefasto on guitar and vocals, Mistyr on drums, and Nihil on bass; Fenrir joins in 2021 and takes over vocals. The band’s collective experience includes the likes of Haemophagus, Messa, Undead Creep, Assumption, and Nox Interitus. After a couple of interruptions due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Thysia completed their first public work, the full-length ’Islands in Cosmic Darkness’.

Just as Thysia are aptly monikered, so, too, is ’Islands in Cosmic Darkness’ truly titled. Its Black Metal is deeply rooted in the ancients, but not just one corridor of this rich tradition; lurking within Thysia’s cauldron, one will find Craft, Varathron, Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Tangorodrim, and early Rotting Christ among others. With a suitably cavernous but fully physical sound, ’Islands in Cosmic Darkness’ sends out undulating sinewaves of spiritual negativity, its lyrical references rooted in Greek mythology and its inner cosmic landscapes expanding outward from an austere core. Put another way, Thysia in general and their debut album in particular sound astoundingly OLD – not simply “old” like ’90s Black Metal, but rather old as the earth itself. Dusty and dusky like so much Mediterranean Black Metal from the darkest past, these sonic bones and scrolls emit a blanching aspect that’s simply impossible to find these days. Modernity is left to rot in Thysia’s world.

For those who thrill to the equally eldritch likes of Negative Plane, Malokarpatan, Cultes des Ghoules, and Funereal Presence, prepare to have your coordinates rearranged by Thysia’s ’Islands in Cosmic Darkness’.

More info: Thysia; Chaos Records;