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  • Band(s): Faal
  • Interview Date: December 12, 2014

Combine beer, Doom, beer, Death, beer, Funeral…and beer, and you will have the frontman of Faal; William Nijhof. After releasing two well received albums and touring through Europe, it’s time to ask how things are going with the Funeral Doom act from The Netherlands. Especially after some line-up changes. (Stijn)

It’s been more than a year now since your second album ‘The Clouds Are Burning’ was released. How were the reactions and do you have any sales numbers?
The reactions on our second album are/were amazing. Good and high points from zines and people. I do not know what the selling rates are but we are almost sold out so we can`t complain about that haha.

Looking back on the album, are there things you would do differently on the next recording?
I guess that every musician can always find something that he would have done different. But the most honest thing to say is that we are really happy with the way that the second album sounds. And it is a good guide line for a new album. The first album is totally different than the second album. So a third release will be different too.

Could you tell us a little about the new material, and any plans to record it?
We are working on some new songs and we are really happy with the ideas that we have. The songs are going to be heavier and very slow haha. But when we are going to record is not something that we are busy with. First everything has to solid and good enough for us, before we even think of recording.

You’ve played quite a lot across Europe this last year, England, Austria and more recently Malta. How was that, any cool stories to share with us?
Haha a lot of stories indeed. But what happens in the band stays in the band. The tour with Worship was amazing and London Doom was also great. But Malta is for me personal the best show and place to play. Amazing crowd and the organization is dynamite. And let’s not forget the beers…many beers…..

I have the impression that you are shifting away slightly from (funeral) doom metal and are introducing influences from black metal and post rock into the music. Will you develop this further?
That’s difficult to say. We all like Funeral Doom so that is an element that will always stay in Faal. But we also like different kinds of genres and that is something that will come back in the music. We write what we want and will not be forced to keep us in a genre.

Are you planning to stay with Ván Records? How is the relationship with the label?
We are definitely staying with Ván Records. It is a label that cares about our music and doesn`t push us. The contact is always good and they care for the bands that are on their bill.

There have been quite a few line up changes in the past. Is this current line up a more stable one?
That is a good question. I really have no answer to that. We do not have any grudge with ex-members and that is really important in my opinion. Everybody that left had good reasons to leave.If this is a steady line-up? We hope it is.

How do you write songs, is it a group process or more individual ideas?
It is a little bit of both. When someone has an idea we work on it. And that works really well for us.

What more can we expect from Faal in the near future?
We hope a lot, more shows and new material is a goal for 2014.

Are there any goals you would like to achieve, something you would really like to see happen for the band?
I guess the answer is bit like your previous question, for the rest we mainly want to bring our music and hope that people will enjoy it as much as we do!

Any last words??
Pffff I am really not of any last words, but the fact that Faal still brings music is because of you guys and the enthusiasm that we get from everyone. Doom on and cheerzzz


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