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Acheron – “The media has never really been on our side. Only true underground zines!”

acheron – “the media has never really been on our side. only true underground zines!”


  • Band(s): Acheron
  • Interview Date: February 19, 2009
  • Author(s): Zvetan

One of the true legends of the satanic Death Metal scene in the USA, Acheron are preparing to attack the world with a brand new album in 2009. Created in 1988, the band has 20 years of heavy music, anti-christian propaganda and lots of crazy stories behind their backs. His infernal majesty Vincent Crowley was kind enough to share with Archaic Magazine his views about the current state of the Underground scene and the place of Acheron in it…..


Greetings and welcome to Archaic Magazine. In 2008 Acheron are celebrating 20 years of existence. How does it feel to be one of the oldest satanic Death Metal bands?
Well, I don’t think we are the oldest satanic Death Metal band out there but we have been around for a long time. It feels great that the fans have supported us for so long. Most bands crush and burn after a few years. The media has really never been on our side. Only the true Underground zines. Our fans keep the beast alive! To be able to keep recording our Dark Art is privilege!

In the beginning of November 2008 Acheron had an anniversary show in New York. How was it?
Let’s just say it wasn’t very good haha…The whole thing was a big funnel. A week before the show we were going to back out due to several other events happening that night but the promoter convinced us to do it. Well…it sucked! But we dud have a good time anyway with the people who showed up.

Your last studio album was “Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood” from 2003 (not counting the compilation releases from 2003/2004). There are some new tracks on Acheron’s MySpace profile so when exactly should we expect a new album from you?
Early 2009! The album will be called “The Final Conflict: Last Days of God”. The three songs on our MySpace profile (www.myspace.com/acheron) are from the “Satanic Supremacy” demo which we recorded to help get us signed. And it indeed did!

Acheron is working together with the well-known Dutch label Displeased Records. Why did you choose to work with them? Wasn’t it easy for you to be on a label located in the US?
Displeased Records has had a long standing reputation in the Underground community for many years. We needed such a label. It doesn’t matter where the label is located, it is what they can do for you! And we hope they will support and promote the new Acheron release.

Displeased Records have some pretty serious bands in their roster. Do you like any of them?
Sure. They have a lot of kick-ass reissues!

Do you have any festival dates confirmed for 2009 and if yes – where and when?
We are talking about some but nothing is confirmed yet! We are playing in Brazil next week with Swedish Death Metal gods Grave for a mini-tour. Should be great! South American fans are fucking incredible!

Do you see a difference between the European and the US Death Metal fans? Where are the craziest Acheron maniacs?
I think Europe is better, because it’s not so polluted with that Hip-Hop culture promoted by MTV. Sure they get that music too but the Metalheads are a lot more loyal than the wishy washy American crowds. Don’t get me wrong, we have some great fans in the USA but they are a minority in the vast American music trends.

If you look back in the past which one is the most successful Acheron album and why?
I’d have to say: the “Anti-God, Anti-Christ” MCD. The song “Fuck The Ways of Christ” has become an anthem for many fans. But then again “Rites of The Black Mass” is still a cult album today. So it would have been one of those two releases.

I’ve noticed that in the first four albums you used to put an intro before each track but this practice stopped on “Those Who Have Risen”. Why?
I wanted to focus more on the music. We experimented with the intros and they succeeded in what we were going after. But many fans complained that they had to skip the intros to get to the songs. So now it is less intros, more Metal!

Are you still active with Wolfen Society? What’s going on there, any chance for a new record?
No, I think Wolfen Society is dead. We’ve talked about doing some shit for years but nothing ever manifests. Actually the new Acheron album is using the concept theme that I wanted to use for Wolfen Society’s first album but never got to do. In fact we have re-recorded the track “Blood Oath” for the release since it was a part of the concept.

You also used to be a part of the legendary Death Metal band Nocturnus. What do you remember from those days with Mike Browning and co.?
It was great! My first serious band! I was young and unexperienced in the music business. Being a huge Morbid Angel fan it was great to work with old Morbid Mike. We recorded a demo together and played out with bands like The Plasmatics, Death, Ravage (now Atheist) and others. Lots of dark dabbling and rituals in that band! I really enjoyed my time in that band. But that was Mike’s band and I had ideas of my own that I had to pursue. Nocturnus helped me to start taking my music more seriously. Thus Acheron was invoked!

Nocturnus are currently active again. What do you think about their reunion and this reunion craziness as a whole? Carcass are active again, so are At The Gates, Whiplash, etc.?
I think it is great! I mean many fans of those bands still exist. Why not let them have the chance to experience those bands again? Some fans may have missed seeing them back in the day. Now is their chance! And the new fans can see them too.

For so many years in the music business what is the most important lesson that you have learned? You certainly have a lot of experience so what will be your advice to all young Metal bands out there?
That if you are into music to get rich or even makin’ a living, you won’t! Even many of the bigger bands barely get by. The fact is that Underground music has a very selective following. You’re not going to sell millions of copies. Hell, you’re lucky these days if you sell 10 000! So do it for the music, not for the money. Because believe me, if a label can fuck you, they will! We have been fucked by so many labels we can’t feel it anymore haha! But always get a lawyer to look at your contract!

How do you see the Metal scene today compared to the one 20 years ago?
It just doesn’t have the spirit it used to have. There are still true Metal warriors out there but not in large amounts supporting the scene. Back in the day people were at all big and small Metal shows. A community of supporters. Nowadays fans are too fucking lazy to journey out for a show unless it is a huge one with several big acts playing. That is fucking lame!

What kind of man is Vincent Crowley outside Music? Are you still a practicing Satanist?
Normal to myself, abnormal to many others haha. My basic concept of living life is straight from the Satanic Bible so I guess I will always be a satanist. I enjoy life. A smartass and prankster but I still have my serious Dark side. Acheron is a true part of my being, not some kind of gimmick!

As a citizen of the United States what do you think about the new president Obama? Is he a good choice?
Who knows? I don’t trust the so-called ex-Muslim more than the other parasitic political scum that held the office. I’ve never voted in my life, nor shall I ever! Fuck Politics!

Will you give me the Top 5 of the Metal albums that have played the most important role in your life?
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break The Oath, Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion, Bathory – Under The Sign of The Black Mark, Slayer – Hell Awaits.

So it’s time for your last words for the readers of Archaic Magazine?
Many thanks for the support! I hope you all pick up the new Acheron album which will help us keep this Satanic warmachine alive! And to all of you Metalheads: go out and check out your local shows! Build a strong Metal community! You never see a lame Hip Hop show so do we really want them to be stronger than us? FUCK NO! Hail Metal! Cheers!