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Acheron – “Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam”

acheron – “ad maiorem satanae gloriam”


  • Band(s): Acheron
  • Interview Date: September 13, 2004
  • Author(s): FelixS

What should I say to introduce Acheron? I guess everything that needs to be said has been said over a thousand times. Though, with an eye on their past three releases (all on the Greek Black Lotus Records label) and a few news items that caused quite a stirr on the scene over the last year, there were a few things that needed to be cleared. A chat with founding member and bassist/vocalist Vincent Crowley, who turned out to be a great chat partner, was the result. Enjoy…

Hey Vincent, how are you today?
Infernal Hails! I’m doing fine. Just sitting here on a Saturday night listening to the Bathory album ‘Nordland I’ and drinking some alcohol.

First, the cover CD you released some time ago, what was the exact thing you wanted to achieve with it, was it a matter of personal reasons? And, just curious, what was your favourite cover song?
That cd is called ‘Tribute To The Devil’s Music’. The purpose of releasing that cd is to put all of our cover song recordings on one album, so people wouldn’t have to buy every compilation or tribute album that we have appeared on. I think it was the right thing to do for our fans. I’d have to say my favourites songs on that are ‘Flag of Hate’, ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Black Sabbath’.

Then came the new full-length album. I would like to know what took you so long to come up with this new studio album.
The new album ‘Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood’ the first full length album we recorded since 1998. The band was broken up for a while and took some time off. When we got Acheron back together we recorded a demo entitled ‘Xomaly’, which was later made into a mcd for Warlord Records, and got the band back in motion. A year later we recorded the new album ‘Rebirth’.

Last but not least the last double CD compilation album. If I’m not mistaken there are at least six other compilation albums circulating in the scene by Acheron. What was the need to release another one?
There are no other compilation albums for Acheron. We have “Compendium Diablerie: The Demo Days”, which is all our demo stuff, ‘Tribute To The Devil’s Music’ that has all the cover songs we recorded, and ‘Decade Infernus 1988-1998’ are 32 songs from the first 10 years of the band’s existence. None of these albums have the same songs on them. They are all different stuff. So, yes, I do think this was a needed release for the fans who may not have all our older albums.

How were the reactions on the aforementioned three releases?
They were all mixed. Some people liked the stuff, while others hated it. All our albums get this kind of reaction. We are not a part of the typical ?cookie cutter? bands that have their day in the sun then are never heard from again. We have our own style and our fans are very loyal. But the many of the masses don’t get what we are doing. This band is not trying to be the fastest or heaviest band in the world. We are just into making Metal music and being original about it. The response we get from the media doesn’t really mean shit to us, positive or negative. We will not change our style for people. Our music is for us and our fans, not for record labels and radio stations. If you like us, great, if not, ?Fuck Off?. (Ha, Ha)

Acheron made some kind of a comeback the last year. Weren’t you afraid that you wouldn’t fit in the trend of today, the splatter and grindcore influenced brutal death metal hype?
No, because the underground has a lot of room for different music. Not every person who listens to metal music wants what’s on Headbangers Ball. Some people are a little less sheepish and want to hear other forms of musical expression. Acheron has had a loyal following since the beginning. We sure don’t sell 100,000 copies and don’t get into all the mainstream stores, but our music is out there for the fans who are into Dark Black/Death Metal music. The reaction we have been getting from the new album is great. We salute all the fans that have supported us.

Now we’re talking about this? To me the album has got some a heavy old-school feeling on it, and that is what Acheron is so special for me. That makes you one of the few bands playing this style. What do you think you can offer people in these hyped metal days?
Thanks. We are all more influenced by bands like Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Destruction, Infernal Majesty, Sodom, Kreator, Death and Morbid Angel, more than the new music of today. But I do like many new Metal acts also. I think the one thing we offer people is the purity of the metal we play. We are not trying to fit in with everyone, just to be a part of the trend. Acheron is ACHERON! If you except Acheron when you buy our cd, you get that. Acheron may evolve and change in some aspects, but the roots always remain.

To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed by the cover CD. So it really surprised me that you actually put out a such a great album early this year. How did the writing- and recording process go? What do you think that is different from the other recordings?
Well, all the cover songs were recorded at different times from 1996 to 2000. So it wasn’t like we went into the studio and said “Let’s do a Cover Album!?”. It was a compilation so people could have all those songs on one cd. As for the writing of ‘Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood’, our former guitar Michael Estes flew up to Ohio to write with myself and Kyle. All three of us got together for a couple weeks and combined our ideas. Thus the album was created.  The difference between this album and our past ones was that we wrote this album as a band. In the past I wrote all of the music and the band just learned it. It was a really great vibe for the making of the new album.

The last two CDs have been released through the Greece Black Lotus Records label, what made you choose for them and are you satisfied with them so far?
Actually, they have released 3 cd of ours now, with the release of ‘Decade Infernus: 1988-1998’. An old friend of mine is the co-owner of the record label, so I figured I give him a chance and see what his label could do. Thus far they have been doing a pretty good job. I personally wish there was more advertising and distribution, but I am pretty pleased at this time. Ask me the same question after it is time for them to pay us royalties. (Ha, Ha)

I haven’t saw you billed on any festivals or tours lately, but there was enough to reason why I expected you to do so. Why weren’t there any live dates here in Europe? I only saw you on this German festival you got kicked off again, what was the story?
Acheron was ready and willing to play European festival this summer, but we just weren’t getting the help to get hooked up with them. Then we agreed to do the Under The Black Sun fest in Germany. But we had to promise not to do any other fests while we were over there doing that one. So we again agreed. We passed up a few offers for festivals to do this UTBS fest. Well, the idiot promoter cancelled us at the last minute saying he didn’t have the money for our plane tickets. This was less than 2 weeks before we were to play! They were very unprofessional and when our drummer Kyle talked some shit about their antics, they go ahead and talk shit about us! Fuck those cocksuckers! We were all ready to play for the German fans and they fucked us over. Acheron will always be willing to do festivals in the USA or Europe.

Any further future plans, for Acheron seem to be alive and kicking again!
Oh yes! We have been working on the music for our next full length album ‘Sanctum Regnum: The Predator Manifesto’ and hope to record it sometime next year. We are also working on some new material for a possible split release with Sathanas in the near future. So you have not seen the last of Acheron! Much more Metal too come!

Just to kill my curiosity: what are your favourite CDs/vinyl at the moment?
Here’s my top 10 at this time.
– Mercyful Fate – ‘Don’t Break The Oath’
– Bathory – ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’
– Morbid Angel – ‘Blessed Are The Sick’
– Danzig – ‘How The Gods Kill’
– Celtic Frost – ‘To Mega Therion’
– Destruction – ‘Infernal Overkill’
– Infernal Majesty – ‘None Shall Defy’
– Death – ‘Leprosy’
– Black Sabbath – ‘Sabotage’
– Slayer – ‘Hell Awaits’

Are you still such an underground maniac like you used to be in the past?
I’d like to think so. I’m pretty much the same guy I’ve always been. Hopefully a bit more open minded nowadays. The underground will always be my home.

This was it for now, thanks a lot for the interview, the last words are yours?
Hellish wishes to you and yours! Many thanks for the interest and support. Acheron is indeed back and we are not going anywhere. So be prepare for another Metal assult on your ears and senses! We hope all the readers go our and pick up the new Acheron releases on Black Lotus Records. Come visit our website at: http://www.acheron666.com/. Until next time? Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!

P.O. BOX 28234

WEBSITE: http://www.acheron666.com/