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Vorus – Chamber of Laments [Demo]

vorus – chamber of laments [demo]

Sometimes you enter a home and with your first footstep you already know what kind of “household” you are about to witness. If you enter the home of the two people who form Vorus, you will smell the stench of rotten Death Metal. Uriel (known for his work in Cryptic Realms, Morbicus, Necrorite and more) and Corina are bonded by a putrid matrimony, while Uriel also has a Death Metal project with his daughter in Rotting Away. Safe to say their oxygen is Death Metal 24/7. “Chamber of Laments” is the first demo of Vorus and is a nice example of early and raw Old School Death Metal. To emphasize the dark atmosphere the vocals are hazy and are recorded with a bit of reverb. Vorus released a decent Old School Death Metal album and if you enjoy an album like Mortuary’s “Blackened Images”, keep an eye on this one. (Ricardo)