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The Morningside – Yellow

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Fourth full album of this Moscow based Melodic Doom Death outfit called The Morningside, whose latest offering came via Badmoodman Music. Ok, I must confess I didn’t know about these guys,didn’t have them within my radar, so, no expectation or pre judgement at all, which I think is good because helps me not being bias in my opinion about it. With a very polished and clean production, this is a really professional item in every aspect, the sound is really crystal clear and shows a very professional outcome. The cover design, pretty sober, pretty elegant, really nice looking in terms of colors and textures is another element that indicates what you may expect from these folks. Now the music, I must confess I had serious troubles with the fact that there are very long passages without vocals,I even had to check out if they had a singer because after several minutes I thought they were an instrumental band…ha ha ha…believe me, that was really crazy. Now when the vocals came in, it was really good, another feeling was added and the passages where these folks combine acoustic guitars and slow melodic passages really captured me. Remarkable are the guitar solos work, really strong and clinically performed. Russia seem to have several good bands in all of the genres, it’s strange why they don’t make it bigger, so now with The Morningside I’ll definitely follow their trace because I liked what I got in this album. Seven songs and over 49 minutes long of well performed and professional Melodic Doom Death seem to be a fair price for those who seek new bands doing decent things away from commercial mainstream cliché joke bands. Recommended for sure folks!!! (Master Butcher)