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Raventale – Transcendence

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Atmospheric Black/Doom metal from Ukraine. When the words “Black Metal” and “Ukraine” are used in one sentence, I’m as curious as Family Guy’s Quagmire when he hears Lois it taking a bath. And that’s very curious for the ones who aren’t familiar with Family Guy. The atmospheric black metal which made the Ukraine scene so unique is definitely present, still the “Doom” part of Raventale creates a certain vibe (riffs/leads) that makes the whole album not typical Atmospheric Black Metal in the vein of Drukh or Nokturnal Mortum. With “Shine” Raventale kicks off with a more doom like composition (riffs and grunt vocals), where “Room Winter” is a great atmospheric black metal track (riffs and the typical black metal vocals) which is in the Ukraine style. If you are into both styles, Raventale could be interesting for you as well. (Ricardo)