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The Last Seed – Revenant

the last seed – revenant

It is always intriguing how a melodic Black Metal project manages to put its message across without the need of using synths or keyboards to make it sound epic, but this German duet nailed it. Formed by Neideck and Arges and recorded between 2018/19, The Last Seed borrows as much from early Satyricon or Wiegedood in terms of freezing high-end soundscapes, as much as they stay away from those influences.

On the literary department, it is clear that instead of unleashing sing-along tunes, they opt for a cinematic narrative approach to their overall compositional paradigm, which makes it mandatory for the listener to read the lyrics, as there is actually a bond that links each and all of the chapters this opus offers, the invitation to open the eyes of the soul and to push the innermost corners of our consciousness forward, in order to discern the deceptive view of reality the powers that be want us to live with. Our portal is waiting! (Diego E.)