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Sektarism – Fils De Dieu

sektarism – fils de dieu


This can be translated as a sound story, where Sektarism is slowly taking you down the painful path, causing you to become the protagonist of suffering. “Oderint Dum Metuant” starts this journey with some tribal drums that come slowly from the far. The ritual is approaching you sending a chilling screams like heralds. The atmosphere places you at some remote moment in history, where the cults took human lives. The desperation of the victim is accentuated while the drums become more exciting and the gong completes the experience with mysticism. Near the ninth minute the screams cease and the passivity returns. Gasps, chains, end of sentence.

The curse continues with “Sacrifice”, an extensive 34-minute track, where Sektarism takes time to explain things to you in its own way, without rushing. The ritual percussions come back, but only as a prelude to an atmosphere full of sinister gleams and bowls. The nightmare is brewing. The guitars give the meeting in the middle of the seventh minute, merging with all the previous environment. The drums fall on top and the melody begins to walk, dragging its footsteps, carrying a cross, making stops on the road to catch its breath and make the agony more bearable. And it is clear that it is an agony, because this is indicated by the heartrending lamentations that accompany the journey.

After a long minimalist interlude, quite free musically, infected with voices desperately clamouring, the drums and guitars come back but crazier. The bass plays a very important role in this sequence, since it gives body to everything with a psychotropic play that allows the guitar to experiment at will. The musical spirit is in crescendo until the madness reaches a limit and everything begins to fall, to wither, between indefinable sounds and strange sound blows. The final whispers indicate that the agony has come to an end.

Welcome be the conceptual works like this. (MarioR)


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