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Sárr – Ávitun [EP]

sárr – Ávitun [ep]

“Avitun” is the debut EP from UK Black Metal one man band Sarr and comprises four tracks of mostly unrelenting black metal, more on the raw side of the spectrum rather than atmospheric.

The murky production on the opening track leaves the music shrouded in a fog from which blasts fast paced riffs and blast beats with little to no variation. Sadly this theme continues on into “Vakr” which compounds things with screeching vocals that grate on the ears. Some poorly executed cleaner vocals do little to help matters. More follows again with little to offer in the form of “Sakna” and by now this is becoming a test of endurance. It’s basic, generic riffs are the only element to this that seems to be performed well but the paint by numbers style, the lack of deviation from a one pace release, it does little for me. On top of that the production is poor, probably intentionally but in order to make that kind of style work you need to have a lot more to offer in terms of songwriting. In truth Sakna’s does have some brief periods of merit where the vocals are decent and the hard edged riffs become tolerable. Yet “Lojask” does little to improve this EP and it’s one I won’t be troubling myself with again. [Heathen of the Horde]