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Outlaw – Reaching Beyond Assiah

outlaw – reaching beyond assiah


This Brazilian Black Metal band releases their third full-length with ‘Reaching Beyond Assiah’, but due to the low distribution of their previous works, this album will be many people’s first introduction to the band. And while none of the previous releases are necessarily bad now, getting in right now is certainly not a bad idea. Indeed, it is only on this album that all the puzzle pieces fall perfectly into place. However, the previous ‘Death Miasma’, an EP from 2021, already provided plenty of the greatness the band could achieve.

To keep it simple, Outlaw is Watain’s more melodic Brazilian second cousin. Its Black Metal is deeply rooted in those so recognisable repeating melodies, contrary riffs and barking vocals. If anything, the band adds a bit more melody. The lack of an distinguishable own identity is something that may bother some and, to be frank, I fully understand that. However, for the most part, the band makes up for that through excellent musicianship. To be precise, inspiration for the core of Outlaw’s music is taken from mid-era to new Watain, say, ‘Sworn To The Dark’ and later. While that largely defines Outlaw’s music, those melodic elements are added to spare the band from being labelled a Watain clone. The highly skilled soloing and slightly progressive riffing gives the band a bit more Heavy Metal character and keeps the music just a bit more light-hearted than that of swarthy Swedes.

That light-heartedness is sometimes taken a bit too far though, so that the music almost seems to get bogged down in Post-Black Metal-like dreamscapes. The band narrowly avoids that, but it remains to be seen how they will deal with it on subsequent recordings. As far as I am concerned, on ‘Reaching Beyond Assiah’ an almost perfect balance is struck between the more melodic pieces and that Watain-like darkness. A song like ‘Beyond The Realm Of God’ may give a glimpse into the future, this is an extremely melodic track that is much more akin to modern Black Metal where the high tempo, melody and rough vocals dominate.

Clearly, ‘Reaching Beyond Assiah’ is fodder for fans of some more Melodic Black Metal, but Melodic Black Metal with (extra) bite. The speed is good and there is definitely some excellent songwriting. If bands like Watain, Necrophobic and Naglfar meet with your approval, but you are not averse to some more Atmospheric (Post-) Black Metal either, then these Brazilians are the perfect choice.