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Nocturnal – The Burning Of Randstadt

nocturnal – the burning of randstadt


Not so long ago I reviewed the first album of the German thrashers Nocturnal. A band that I’ve been watching for some time now and certainly a band that is gaining more and more recognition amongst the metalheads – and thrashers in particular. Some time before the debut full-length was released this live tape was put out by the guitarist Evil Avenger’s own label Deathstrike Records. Despite of the fact that this tape is already out for a while I still think that it deserves a few words and your attention as well. It is possible that some of you aren’t even aware of the existence of this tape…

As you might expect this is exactly in the same vein as the other Nocturnal releases, and without any doubt exactly in the same line as the releases yet to come! This is really “true to the heart” thrash metal exactly the way that is meant to be and the way it was played years and years ago. The quality of the recording is maybe not the best there is, but that has its own charm, so to say. It might remind you on that Destruction bootleg you have on tape somewhere in your own personal dungeons. The presented songs aren’t played the tightest way (is that recommended in this kind of thrash?), but that is most likely to be blamed on the huge amount of consumed alcohol, I almost know all the rituals, don’t I? A remarkable thing is that we see Jex from that other great old school thrash band Vexed (check them out, if you didn’t yet!) on second guitar here, I’m not too sure when he left the band again, but they are with four again nowadays. Looking to the tracks, most can be found on the “Thrash With The Devil” 12″ EP, so the people who own that (shame on you if you don’t) will definitely recognize the easy tunes of this nice must-have EP.

There is not much to say about any other aspects, but since I have an untameable love for bootlegs, tapes and underground, old school and ancient metal this is really a gem to me. People who share the same ideals and nostalgic feelings, there are more of these stone-age guys, believe me, should give this tape a try. Others are better of without it – the usual, actually. More information on the band’s history and background can be found at the review I did on their brand new album, “The Arrival Of The Carnivore”… Owh, and as usual, this tape is limited, this time to 333 copies, and as I understood it well, these things go fast, so, its up to you!