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Nocturnal – “Death ’til Thrash!”

nocturnal – “death ’til thrash!”


A new Germanic thrash formation released their debut MCD late this year. NOCTURNAL do have some astonishing aggressive metal for this era. This was the reason to ask some questions to them concerning line-up and their blunt “Thrash With The Devil”.


Greetings NOCTURNAL! How are things in life this time for you guys? Whom are the new recruits on guitar and bass which were spotted on your ‘old’ webpage? Although the line-up consists of a classic three-piece on “Thrash With The Devil”, why did you expand the band in the first place and why the short appearance of your guitar player called Jex?
At the moment we are rehearsing new songs for our debut album which we plan to record middle of next year. We were only a short time doing NOCTURNAL as a 3 piece, we only recorded “Thrash with the devil” with that Line-Up. We expanded the band to be able to play Live which was not possible without at least a bassguitar. Jex and Vomitor came into the band in the beginning of 2002. So Jex was not that short playing in NOCTURNAL. We parted ways with her as we had problems in working together and we thought it is the best for us all. She will not be replaced, we will play with only one guitar from now on and I will record both guitar lines in the studio myself.

You mentioned in a reply to me that almost everyone labels NOCTURNAL’ music as black/thrash metal. How do you think this statement comes to terms even though you never intended to sound black? Why are the vocals so fucked up recorded on “Thrash With The Devil”? I mean, the guitars and drums are nicely raw produced, but the propaganda calls are too much distorted.
I think the problem is in listeners head, nowadays there are no pure Thrash bands anymore. Every band which claims to play Thrash, all have at least a black metal voice or mix Thrash with Blastbeats. We don’t want to create a dark or black atmosphere, we want to do ripping and headbanging songs. I think “Thrash with the devil” only sounds a bit Black because of the production and the vocals. We don’t want that and we try to sound as old school Thrash as possible on our next releases. Maybe it is because we listen to a lot of Black metal too that it influenced our sound.

The guitar solo part in ‘Welcome To Your Death’ should be viewed as an expression of total fear and despair of a victim, which looks into the merciless face of its killer! You probably wrote this in the booklet of your previous MCD to avoid confrontation with the false solo. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I assure you this is false (see review)! Why record such an error on your debut and hide it with this statement?
Ha ha, well the whole story is quite simple. I can’t play guitar solos, this is no secret. Hellbastard and Mayhem still wanted me to record a solo for that song, and this is what they got, he he. This sentence was done to say somehow “We know the solo is shit, no reason to tell us” he he ! But I would not say it ruined the song, when you heard it a hundred times you can’t imagine the song without it, it gives the whole thing a certain touch of uniqueness.

NOCTURNAL mentioned it will record a full-length album somewhere next year. What can we expect in the black/thrash genre and could you be a bit more precise concerning the release date. How did the Metal Meeting go at Ludwigshafen Colloseum? Are there more gigs planned in Europe this and next year?
No Black, only Thrashing Rage! We plan to record it in middle of ´04. I don’t know who will release the album then, I plan to do it myself through DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS. But it is also a money question. Metal Meeting went fine, we played along with only gay bands but this event is a quite big one (over 600 people) in our area and the Warriors of Steel who organize it did a great job. Only the sound sucked and we had some minor technical problems, all in all a good but not our best show. It was the first gig without Jex by the way. Until now only a show on the 20.February is planned in Frankenthal/Germany. We keep gigs rare at the moment to concentrate on songwriting.

Last words to the fucking world!
A split 7´EP with NUNSLAUGHTER is recorded and will be released hopefully soon. Label is not sure yet. Death ´til Thrash!!!