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Mimorium – The Route of Haeresis

mimorium – the route of haeresis


In 2022, the Finnish band Mimorium was ready to unleash it’s third opus unto the world. The second album, ‘Blood of Qayin’, received quite some praise on these pages, so needless to say the coming of ‘The Route of Haeresis’ was met with quite some anticipation.

While the band hails from Finland, the sound of the preceding album was far more distinctively Swedish. Going back to that album now, it has quite a bit in common with Dissection, but in addition had some influence of other typical Swedish Black Metal bands audible throughout the songs. On ‘The Route of Haeresis’ this spectrum has shifted slightly further. Mimorium still sounds distinctively Swedish, but the focus is a little bit more on the sound of Dark Funeral, in particular their albums ‘Diabolis Interium’, ‘Attera Totus Sanctus’ and ‘Angelus Exuro pro Eternus’. This is not in the least because vocalist Vox Malum has a similar voice as Emperor Magus Caligula, also in combining the Black Metal screams with more guttural growls. That is not to say that the influence of Dissection is completely gone, and in particular ‘The Hand Of The Heretic’ and ‘Her Palace In The Shade’ have a few riffs that harken back to that mid 90’s sound. In the opening riff of ‘Liberate The Transcendent Essence’ there is also a bit more of a later Marduk vibe. But while Mimorium may sound like these bands, the way they’ve woven these influences together is quite commendable. The number of bands playing this high-paced melody-driven brand of Swedish Black Metal was high in the late 90’s and early 00’s, but its popularity has somewhat dwindled since, outside the relentless Dark Funeral and Marduk. And therefore, an album like ‘The Route of Haeresis’ is actually quite welcome, especially when you consider that the band knows their craft very well.

‘The Route of Haeresis’ is a well-written and well-played album that manages to keep the intensity for the full 40+ minutes, even when the pace moves to a more midtempo range. Compared to ‘Blood of Qayin’ the band has found a little more of a balance, still sounding very Swedish yet a little bit better at mixing their influences. Not the most original record, but very enjoyable and certainly worth checking for fans of that aggressive blasting melody-driven style of Swedish Black Metal.


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