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Macabra – …To the Bone

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OMG, that keyboard layer on the background! It’s the early 90’s again! Right from the start, listening to Macabra’s new album feels like a trip to the past, as if I had some sort of time machine available that just needed pressing the “play” button on my stereo…Macabra was formed in 2011 and is an international two-man band, a collaboration between a guy from Belgium and another guy from the United States of America. And just not “any” two guys! We’re talking about a duo that already has more than 40 albums on their curriculums combined, with bands like Fetid Zombie, Grave Wax, Unburied and Vociferian. Their names probably will ring a bell or two (or dozens): Adrien “Liquifier” Weber aka Lord Genocide deals with the vocals and Mark Riddick, who is responsible for all instruments. The latter is also known for his gruesome and impressive artwork that has made its way onto album covers, posters and tshirts of many bands in the underground metal scene. You (most) probably own a dozen albums and/or are wearing a tshirt with his artwork as you’re reading this review. As mentioned before, old-school is an understatement for this band. This is pure early 90’s death metal stuff with all the key ingredients (amazing vocals and instrumentals) that defined the genre during that period, especially bands from the Scandinavian region. No matter what song you start with, you’ll get yourself wondering if the album was composed and recorded around that time and put on some shelve with a note “to be released to the public in 2016”. It reminds the listener of the golden era of Amorphis and Autopsy with the same type of quality riffs those bands recorded back in the day. Even the production fits the era! Eight tracks of great death metal is what you’ll get when buying this album. You shouldn’t be allowed to breathe again if you call yourself a fan of old-school death metal and don’t check this band out. (Antonio)