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Lucifugum – На крючья да в клочья! (On Hooks to Pieces!)

lucifugum – На крючья да в клочья! (on hooks to pieces!)


It’s great to see the progress of some black metal bands within a short period of time, such as Lucifugum did. The band was created in ’95 and since then regularly threatened by religious and political authorities, due to their musical activities. “Instinct Prevelance” was yours truly’ first review on behalf of Vampire Magazine. Lucifugum back then included two members of Nokturnal Mortum and Bal-a-Myth. Both Varggoth and Saturious aren’t within the ranks nowadays and Bal-a-Myth – the former guitar and bass player – unfortunately died last year by o.d. Despite these losses, the Ukrainian bastards succeeded in compiling a vast new line-up. Together they recently released  “On Hooks To Pieces” and are ready to conquer the whole fucking planet.

The entire booklet (lyrics and track-titles) is written in ancient Ukrainian. This causes the lack of comprehension in specific writings and thoughts, because these couldn’t be traced by any ‘outsider’. Lucifugum apparently respect both their fatherland and their native tongue by whishing to do so and I respect that. Both the lay-out and the music are of this Eastern style; grim and extreme, as a result of the harsh landscape down there. ‘ Вам, глупым и живучим ‘ (one tough name to arrange in Microsoft Word mind you!) starts of with some typical melodic black metal which is often produced in those Eastern regions; cold atmospheric keyboards combined with raw instruments. The similarity with Nokturnal Mortum is again at hand – mainly thanks to the injection of them keys -, but this time it seems Lucifugum is more going its own way down the black path. A more direct aggressive approach in the music writing is detected (better fitting) along a more mature production than “Instinct Prevelance” did. Three of the arguments for this improvement are: the new vocalist has done the band for the better, a more darker atmosphere is created by the electronics and – though still being crafted by a device of the third kind – both the sound and drumming itself are way better. All tracks consist of one or two catchy chords. ‘ Вам, глупым и живучим ‘ is one of these as example, but regrettably the only one doesn’t have any charisma at all. The disappointment fades in as a bass lick constantly reappears without aggression or further complexity.

Lucifugum’ latest is a righteous treat for black metal scum who like some severe foul melody within their raw music. Nokturnal Mortum fans can dig in straight away. Though the CD “Instinct Prevelance” more sound like the Norwegian Tartaros on his last breath, “On Hooks To Pieces” is an album which is more aggressive and more black, thus more interesting. I sincerely hope next time the titles and lyrics are in a more understandable language so that more maniacs can read their propaganda. Last but not least, their record company Adipocere announced that Lucifugum’ new album is ready and will be released within a short period of time. Stay tuned! (ManuelB)


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