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Inverted Matter – Harbinger

inverted matter – harbinger


Inverted Matter here are the offshoot, a rebranding, so to say, of the band Inverted, which actually started out life as Cyanide Christ. While there may only be one member of the original two brands of the band left, this variation is still considered as a modern progression of the original, primordial form. Yet, no matter what time period it is or what name they happen to be going by, they have always been and always will be some sort of a Death Metal band.

And what does this Death Metal band sound like in this, their current incantation? Well, to put it quite simply, they basically sound like a mix of Immolation, Morbid Angel and ‘The Apostasy’ era Behemoth run through a modern Progressive/Technical Death Metal filter. This mix is presented in a clear, hard hitting attack that makes you really forget everything I said above and just enjoy the ride for what it is in and of itself.

I have never heard anything from the first incarnation, Cyanide Christ, but I have honestly heard some stuff from their time as Inverted, ‘Point Of Crossing’ to be exact, and I have to say that in the end the name change makes perfect sense. And it does so because of the evolution and real change within the band’s sound fits with the evolution and growth of their name. For they have added more into the mix, refined what was already there, honed the craft over time and ended up making it oh so good.

But I have to be upfront (yeah, in the final paragraph) and honest here. Upon my first time taking in ‘Harbinger’ I was rather uninterested and underwhelmed. Hell, my first time actually took multiple attempts before I finally took it all in. It just didn’t seem to hit on any mark for me in any way. But through multiple listens and through differnt audio sources I have to say that this is one hell of a good album. They have a sense for songwriting that makes songs equally brutal and beautiful. Front to back, the ride is stellar, ultra interesting, headbangable as fuck, oddly fun, memorable mindfuck of a Death Metal album.

Inverted Matter

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