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Inverted Matter – Detach [Re-Release]

inverted matter – detach [re-release]


The greening gnarly creature staring into your soul from the “Detach” album cover definitely sets the right mood for listening to this record created by Inverted Matter. It is heavy, monstrous, yet ominously charming. The core sound combines old school Death Metal moves, as well as more modern technical sound. As with many Italian bands, Inverted Matter also integrates tasteful dark melodies into their sick guitar riffs. Alternating between rapid brain melting blast beats and slower groovier parts, the music is full of liberating anger and all-consuming darkness.

I would like to highlight the outstanding drumming by Mike Smith (ex-Suffocation) who really delivers the most powerful Death Metal energy in “Detach”. I enjoyed the overall tone and the vibe in this album, and all tracks are different, each having unexpected twists that would keep the listener engaged. “The Mark”, being the very first track on the album really puts you in the mood to mosh, and go all Godzilla-like destroying human civilizations. “Drake Effect”, in my opinion, really has it all – ominous melodies and pure death metal, bound together by technical guitar solos. “Facility” – stands out as a track with slower, suspenseful parts, and I personally really dig the trippy lead guitars. “Singularity” adds a very nice melodic touch and sends you into the darkest depths of the universe, thus concluding this record.

There are many great guitar riffs beautifully integrated with killer drumming in “Detach”, and bass and vocals really come together nicely, delivering a wholesome record. The weaker side may be the production because unfortunately it felt like the resolution and depth of the sound was lost. Inverted Matter is definitely an interesting band with very talented musicians I would be looking forward to hear from in the future!

Inverted Matter

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