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Ieschure – The Mystic Fields [EP]

ieschure – the mystic fields [ep]


Ever since the inception of Ieschure, back in 2015, this Rivne-based Ukrainian Black Metal act has been on the top of the league of its prolific local scene. Over the band’s complete output, Lilita Arndt showed that she is able to pull off an amazingly mesmerizing atmosphere with the smallest of means. Her latest offering is this 4-track EP that was released last month on both cassette tape and CD.

‘The Mystic Fields’ is downright the bleakest release Arndt has recorded. In her usual way of writing music, the EP offers a minimalistic approach to the Black Metal genre. The desolate opening riff goes hand in hand with her silent and humming clean vocals, almost hushing you to sleep. But the ever-slightly changing riff keeps you on your toes and not to speak of the rougher howling vocal bursts and even that evil, wicked laughter that peaks through while listening very carefully. The oppressive atmosphere, with a sense of unease, again is the true core of the EP tends to crawl under your skin and starts eating you from inside. The feeling of edginess and overall anxiety is pushed to its limit with ‘The Dead Witch’, a creepy slow song with strumming guitars and large parts of howls and spoken words that reminds largely of Chelsea Wolfe and maybe even Diamanda Galás. The sinister soundscape is further enhanced by the use of Ambiental sections, getting you on the verge of insanity. The closing track is a textbook example of how Ambient can be used to propel dark music to great heights, instead of tearing it down completely. These 24 minutes once again prove that she indeed is top of the Ukrainian Black Metal scene and, while at it, she definitely dropped off her best work so far.

The haunting soundscape of Ieschure is truly unique in every sense of the word, making every of its releases another ride through space and time. But this time Arndt really outdid herself, her blend of Black Metal, Ambient and even some Indie elements has made Ieschure an unexampled entity.