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Gehenna – Unravel

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After 8 years Sanrabb and company (without longtime partner in crime Dirge Rep, but with Dolgar who left after recording) brought back to the front of Norwegian Black Metal. The Death Metal influences which were present on “Murder” are quite gone and traded the “Death Metal” card for a more midtempo traditional Black Metal approach as on “WW”. The piano intro is a good example of the sinister atmosphere you can expect on “Unravel”. The riffs are mostly slow or midtempo, one can even say a bit like the repeating riffs of Burzum. A Blackened Doom Atmosphere if you will. When the pace goes up a bit, the riffs are still the repeating kind but this doesn’t happen a lot on “Unravel” (except the start of “Lead to the Pyre” and “End Ritual”). The riffs aren’t that groundbreaking and will not stick in your head for hours. The songs aren’t really über-aggressive nor have a Nordic Second Wave Black Metal feeling, it seems just to “drag” itself from the beginning ‘till the end. This album suits the autumn (falling leaves, grey sky and rain) more than a snow and ice scenery. There will be black souls who will enjoy this, although it is far from the quality of Burzum’s “Dunkelheit” to name a classick tune which has dark atmosphere and repeating riffs. Others will classify this as “uninspired and boring”. (Ricardo)