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Entrancement – Of Passion’s Cruelty

entrancement – of passion’s cruelty


After two demos, which also appeared together on a compilation LP by Goatowarex, and a split with the (dreadful) Midnight Betrothed, American Entrancement comes out with the much anticipated debut album. Black Metal aficionados who like their Black Metal melodic and authentically mid-90’s, take notice!

Because without detracting from the very decent demos, ‘Of Passion’s Cruelty’ is a fantastic step forward and highly recommended to anyone who appreciates the almost romantic nature of mid-90’s melodic Black Metal. The melodies, deeply rooted in Entrancement’s music, evokes an almost unparalleled beauty which sinks deep in the predominantly up-tempo (programmed) drums and the classy (but standard) Black Metal raspy vocals. When you do have a weak spot for those early Satyricon albums, this is just something that you have to sink your teeth in. While not completely the same, the amazing riffs and the great song writing do bear a distinct resemblance to that of those visionary Norwegians. As a whole, ‘Of Passion’s Cruelty’ does sound Nordic, with the icy and razor sharp guitars slice through your eardrums like a warm knife through butter. The incredible mesmerising dance between the moody keyboard melodies, the razor-sharp riffs and the pace make this come together to be a 90’s Black Metal fan’s wet dream.

The programmed drums may take some getting used to, but in the end it certainly doesn’t feel like a lack of a flesh-and-blood drummer. It might even be an addition where it evokes memories of ‘The Grandeur Of Hell (Soli Satanae Gloriam)’, Diabolicum’s first album. So, please don’t be worried about the sound right away, but take your time to let it sink in. ‘Of Passion’s Cruelty’ will definitely be worth investing in, before the album is over you won’t be able to imagine it any other way.

Maybe needless to say, but if you do like your early Taake, Satyricon or Diabolicum records and care for a moody and romantic take on Black Metal with lots of bite and finesse, look no further. Entrancement did beautifully pay homage to some of the best that Black Metal has to offer, now it is your turn to pick this up. And I would like to take the opportunity to advocate for a vinyl version of this excellent album, buying it would be a total no-brainer.


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