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Djevel – Naa Skrider Natten Sort

djevel – naa skrider natten sort


One of Norway’s most prolific bands have returned once more. Djevel have unleashed their eighth studio album ‘Naa skrider natten sort’ through Aftermath Music on CD. (With a cassette release coming in January through Impure Wedding Productions)

Opening track ‘Naar taaken tetner’ is a thirteen minute colossus of emotional and atmospheric Black Metal that doesn’t shy away from its rougher, more aggressive leanings either. Fast and flowing drum tones speed this track on its way, and they in turn combine with deeply melodic guitar tones and subtle synth undertones. Here and there, piercing piano interludes ring out like crystalline drops of pure sound into the bleak gloom, before being overwhelmed by stark, cold riffs, as well as groove drenched bass tones and climactic drumming leading into myriad haunting, sweeping atmospheric flourishes and progressive, moody wandering guitar rhythms.

As if to directly contrast the highly melodic opening track, ‘Kronet av en væpnet haand’ is a far shorter stanza of punishing, forthright Black Metal for the most part, with a sprinkling of slower, darker passages and a guitar tone of savage menace. Again, there is a brutal display of drumming bombardment that with only tracks played is already becoming a dominant and impressive feature of this album. ‘Naa skrider natten sort’, the album title track is another lengthy epic which again marries pulsating, ice forged guitar tones with furiously aggressive bass play and stark, frost bitten harmonies. This track ululates and curves through fast intensive bursts of rampaging aggression and slower, more brooding bouts of darker moods.

As impressive as the previous tracks are, I like the simplicity of the mid-paced ‘Mitt tempel av stierner og brennende maaner’ even more than them. It has a direct, plodding feel to it, though spikes of intense guitar melody sound out throughout and the drumming display is once more intensive and fierce. besides that, an soft acoustic interlude is a great palette cleanser from the hostile, wild savagery, and the cleaner, more chanted vocals in the middle of the track and haunting and soul searching. ‘I daudens dimme natt’ too is an impressive track and has a grinding, intensive guitar melody that reminds me of ‘The Hall of the Mountain King’.

It is noteworthy that after so many albums under their belt, Djevel can still create something so spectacular. ‘Naa skrider natten sort’ is a deeply moving album, one of intriguing melodic beauty and harsh, feral tones. needless to say after I have waffled on for so long, but you should definitely experience this release.

Impure Wedding Productions

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